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Reunions Are So Sweet (and Sexy) in Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt’s Misadventures of a Good Wife

Misadventures of a Good Wife by Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt

What happens when a wife, shattered by the disappearance of her beloved husband, takes on the task of putting a second chance together? If you’re Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt, you turn that trope into super-hot Erotic Romantic Suspense.

In Misadventures of a Good Wife, book 2 in the Misadventures series, Kate is devastated to hear her husband’s plane went down during a business trip. After a year of largely aimless mourning, her sister-in-law Chelle convinces her to take a trip to a secluded island in the Pacific.

Just as she begins to settle into the gorgeous surroundings, a familiar man comes to her…her husband, Price.

“When our eyes locked, I cupped her cheek and led her lips to mine. I still hadn’t tired of her mouth or the way our tongues stroked and dueled, a sensual dance we both knew well.”

The questions—with a huge degree of WTFery—begin, but not before Price reclaims Kate physically…over and over again in secluded enclaves all over the island.

The pieces do not come together that readily, so to make a long story short: Price found out that a company he did business with was plummeting their stocks on purpose as well as being a front for drugs and other nefarious dealings. So, Kate learns that Price set her up to live comfortably with purpose. After making a narrow escape with his life, he went on the run and had help, in the form of the reliable Otis. But Price’s lies were cloaked in tough choices. Not wanting to be parted from Kate any longer, he reached out to his sister to deliver his wife to him, hoping to have her join him in his new life on the run. Price keeps fearing Katherine’s rejection and ends up tempting her with his insatiable lust whenever she reasonably asks for an explanation.

But after Price realizes they might be being watched, Kate convinces him to return to their home in New York to solve what exactly happened with the company in question. (But we only get the entire Suspense plot timeline almost at the very end, and after different secondary characters give chase).

“And the reality was that our lives depended precariously on how quickly we could come up with some kind of resolution to this situation—a situation I still didn’t fully understand.”

Wild and Hardt craft their heroine Kate into a woman so wholly in love with the memory of her husband. And they craft Price’s mysterious actions with a sliver of reasonable doubt even as he beds his wife in a variety of smoldering ways. We learn Price had been faithful in his year “away”, we learn Kate was too. Kate and Price share an intense physical connection and a love that feels almost obsessive. Those scenes are skillfully erotic and gently toys with hints of kink.

“She belonged to me, the same way I’d always belonged to her”.

In Kate, we feel an overwhelming sense of loss and in Price, we almost begin to believe why he would need to rely on secrets and lies in the name of protecting Kate. There is push-pull of getting the whole truth about Price’s faked death. Readers are always on the cusp of finding out what makes him reluctant to tell Kate everything. He holds back a lot, but never in terms of the physical.

“He’d shown me his ultimate trust as well, by coming back to New York with me. I vowed that his trust would not be misplaced…

Though I did understand, I still felt a little sick every time I learned something new that Price had hidden from me. A secret bank account. Now a safe in our home. Not to mention the fact that he’d been alive all this time.”

One of Kate’s recurring lines are variations of “for better or worse” and this perfectly embodies her role as the Good Wife. And she is one. When the plot finally unfolds, she really will do anything for Price. Price is a great name for him because exactly: a price to pay/love at what price. But in the context of Wild and Hardt’s entry, readers will understand why Kate believes him, believes in him and goes to the length she does for him. It’s about love and trust...and also totally the sex.

By the story’s end, the over-arching theme feels like true love (with a side of all-consuming sex) are all one needs for the idea of “home” rather than home as one particular place. And that if one has unwavering trust within that, you can take on any degree of danger as long as you remain together.

The Misadventure series is revealing itself to be fun and totally collectible novellas. Misadventures of a Good Wife is a good pick for fans of Meredith Wild and/or Helen Hardt and will keep readers wanting more from this duo very, very soon.


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