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Marie Harte’s All I Want for Halloween Celebrates Halloween with a Romance Twist

All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just speak whatever was on your mind? Well, you get a chance to see how crazy it can be in Marie Harte’s All I Want for Halloween.

We have met Sadie Liberato and her brother, Elliot, in prior stories.  These two are brash, snarky and always say exactly what they are thinking.  Neither holds back their opinions of each other or anyone around them.  While they are never hurtful, they do tell it like it is.

While Elliot is outgoing, Sadie embraces her introverted-ness and is quite proud of her dislike for people in general, or worse being forced to speak with them.  That’s why they keep Sadie in the back in the kitchen.  Sadie helping customers is never a good thing for the success of a growing business.

“You’re not a fan of people, are you?”

Sadie gave her a grim smile.  “No.”

Sadie works with her siblings at Sofa’s bakery and catering which gives her plenty of time to torture both of them with her clever witticism and bits of wisdom that only a big sister could provide.

Sofa’s is given an opportunity to cater a Halloween party for a rich entrepreneur, with a large guest list of important people.  Sadie’s duty for the party is to socialize with the rich and famous and talk up Sofa’s.  So to be a good sibling and do her duty to the business, she dons a costume and finds a quiet corner to hide away from the other guests.  And she isn’t the only one looking to hole up from everyone.  Concealed in her shadowy corner Sadie in her Xena costume meets a handsome devil and they hit it off with their mutual disinterest in the party and love of party snacks. 

“Sadie.  This is Gear Blackstone.  Gear, my sister, Sadie.”

“Wait.  Gear?  That guy from the stupid motorcycle show?”

Gear sighed. 

You would think a woman that brash and outspoken would need a love interest who is quiet and understanding.  So can you imagine what happens when Gear Blackstone enters her life and he is just as cocky and impolitic as Sadie? 

Gear is a soon-to-be former reality TV star.  He was the designer and mechanic behind the popular show Motorcycle Madnezz.  Gear was building a successful business when his ex-fiancé and ex-best friend decided to take his designs into the limelight of reality TV and then they decided to take the show for themselves. Gear never wanted the spotlight, but he is truly angry to be tossed out of his own garage while his exes are busy stroking each other’s egos.

Gear realizes he isn’t that unhappy about the end of his relationship with a high-maintenance woman who was getting more demanding and more controlling as time passed.   And he is suddenly very happy to be free of her when he meets Sadie.  They are so alike it shouldn’t work, but it does, oh so well.  When she smiles that mean smile of hers just before she lets him have it with her hold-nothing-back honesty, wow! He can honestly say that no woman has ever excited him so much.

“So, ah, I just wanted to return your sword and let you know how much I loved that punch.”

“Not half as much as I loved giving it.” Said gave him her mean smile.

“Oh yeah.  That’s sexy.”

She blinked in confusion.  “Huh?”

“That inner bitch of yours.  Hot. As. Fuck.”

As both Gear and Sadie have just gotten out of bad relationships with someone who was trying to make them into someone else, the level of attraction they feel is overwhelming and a bit scary.  While neither is ready for another relationship, how can you walk away from someone who is as crude, gruff and downright tactless as you are?   Someone you can just be yourself with.  Sadie hasn’t been this excited in forever and Gear knows he would be a fool to let Sadie go.

“You’re as boring as I am.”

He grinned.  “And I hate people.”

“Yeah. I love that about you.”

So can two people who can’t stop mouthing off, find the courage to say those three little words that are the hardest to say?


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