Oct 19 2017 7:24am

Have You Ever Thought Something In Real Life Would Make a Good Romance Novel?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Still other times, real life is even sweeter. We've all had meet-cutes in life that would make great set ups for romance novels. Have you ever witnessed, experienced, or heard a story about something and thought “that would make a good romance novel”? Or after the fact, think, “if this were a romance novel it would end like this...”? 

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Barbara Wilmot
1. miadevlin
I've just got back from a trip to Milan and on the outbound flight I was sat amongst 20 incredibly good looking, young, Italian rugby players. I did think at the time "This sounds like the start of a romance novel" but I'm afraid it didn't lead to a steamy Mediterranean rendezvous.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@miadevlin--oh no! That would have been amazing. Similarly I went home for my mom's birthday a few months ago and while I was on the plane, I dislocated my knee. I was surrounded by a group of men and women coming back from being deployed and my seatmate saw what happened. She alerted the rest of her friends and they helped me get off the plane once we landed. Under different circumstances, it totally would have been a romance novel!
Jen Wattley
4. JenWattley
I experienced the ultimate meet-cute on an airplane this past January. This gorgeous, bearded, lumberjack-y guy sat in the middle seat and pulled out a book. He accidentally knocked my elbow and turned to apologize, and then we spent the rest of the two-hour flight talking about books and politics and everything in between. It was great. Sadly, the flight ended and thus our romantic interlude with it, but I still think I'll bump into him again in my neck of the woods since we apparently live quite close to one another.
Heather RR
5. Heather RR
A season or two ago on Dancing with the Stars there was a bullrider (Bonner Bolton) competing. The chemistry between him and his pro was so intense I immediately wanted a dance competition romance. My dream was answered with the new release of Take the Lead by Alexis Daria
6. Kareni
In the fifties, New Zealand had such a small population that they were paying ship passage for young people to come out and settle there. First my aunt went and settled there. My mother left the Netherlands and traveled on the same ship that my father was working on as a purser. She was in a crowded cabin and was very seasick. A different young man who she met onboard invited her to stay in his less crowded cabin. Her cabinmates reported her missing and a shipwide search commenced. My father found her ... in the other man's cabin. This was all quite innocent, but she was rebuked.

My mother and aunt saved money to bring their mother to NZ. My grandmother met my father on what was his own last purser voyage before he too settled in NZ. Sometime later, my mother and grandmother
encountered my father on the street and invited him to my mother's wedding. She'd become engaged to that other young man in whose cabin she had stayed.

That wedding didn't happen .... (I guess you'll have to read that unwritten book to find out more.)
Jennifer Proffitt
7. JenniferProffitt

I know they're doing something similar in Maine here in the States even now.
8. Kareni
Well, thank you for the kind words, Jennifer.

I hadn't heard that about Maine; that's quite interesting.
9. lauralee1912
@ Kareni - loved your story. I think you need to write that book ....

One set of my great-grandparents came from what is now known as the Czech republic. They grew up on farms not far from each other family lore is their families were not acquainted. Both came through Ellis Island as immigrants. They met and married while living in the same town in Indiana. Their journies were part of the Catholic Church's mission to settle Jewish immigrants near the coalfields. My great-grandfather died young. My great-grandmother never remarried and raised her children with the help of a male "family friend." She was entrepreneurial and a successful businesswoman. Her dynasty is a number of great-great, great, and regular grandchildren who are/were entrepreneurs, some wealthy, and many having interesting love lives.
Teddy Pierson
10. TeddyP
The story of my girlfriend and I might make for an interesting romance novel. Apparently friends to lovers is a popular trope...
Heather RR
11. Lolane
I used to do seasonal work at a resort in Colorado. It was a wild mix of high school graduates saving money for college, college students on gap year, older adventurous types, and twenty and thirty somethings in a weird place in their lives and trying to figure things out, all shacked up together on the employee wing of the lodge, which also happened to be notoriously haunted. It was a good setup for several different genres of romance. And workplace romances did happen on the regular, usually culminating in all sorts of hilarious drama. Well it's hilarious in hindsight, didn't seem so funny when it was happening.
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