Oct 20 2017 9:30am

Gena Showalter Reveals the Next Two Couples in Lords of the Underworld Series

The Darkest Promise by Gena Showalter

In an announcement on her Facebook page, Gena Showalter revealed who the next two couples in her Lords of the Underworld series would be. Many readers have long been rooting for William and Gillian to get a happy ending, and with the 2018 releases of her books The Darkest Warrior and The Darkest Captive, Showalter had some decisions to make: 

Before I sat down to write THE DARKEST WARRIOR—because yes, I have now written the first and second draft—I narrowed down my choices to only (1) William and Gillian, (2) William and someone new, (3) Gillian and Puck, (4) Viola (5) Galen and Legion, (6) Hades, or (7) Rathbone. No problem, right? (Snort!)

In the end, Showalter had the books all plotted out for many of these characters, but who would finally be next? Here's what she had to say: 

THE DARKEST WARRIOR features Puck and Gillian. (William has a huge role in this book, the most he's ever been in a book in fact, and I answer all of your questions about his relationship with Gillian.)

THE DARKEST CAPTIVE features Galen and Legion, and it will release from 1001 Dark Nights in December. I haven't written this one yet, but I do have it plotted and SHIVER!!!!! (Preorder goes live in December)

Showalter gave the full explanation for this decision in her announcement post but it still left many fans divided, as some have long shipped Gillian/William (Gilliam) and are disappointed, while others see a lot of potential for Gillian and Puck and/or say they saw this news coming. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for these characters to get together? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@JessicaMoro, from the comments on the post, people are really unsure on this too. It seems like a lot of people are fine with Gillian not being with William but are not so sold on Puck.
3. lynseya
I am not ok with it, personally. They were built up for 11 books, and she even claims she started to write their story and then couldn't? Sorry. I'm very disappointed in this decision.

Yes, a writer has the right to tell a story how they choose, but you don't go leading readers on for 11 books and then just pull the rug out from under them. You also don't go telling me what I "need" in a story. I get to decide that for myself.
4. Ayanna
Very disappointed honestly. No one even knows who Puck is and he’s a very uninteresting character. Would rather read about viola. You really know how to lead your readers on agenda and then shit on their expectations. Thanks but no thanks I honestly don’t think I’ll be purchasing that book. Gillian and William forever at least that’s what you had us believe for 11 books running.
5. Tete8213
So why make your readers think these two will be a couple. Only other thing I can think of is that William and Gilly might be related in some way and that is why William is so drawn to her
And I'm not into paranormal bestiality shape shifters..yuck. Puck is a freaking goat.. Gilly deserves so much more then keeper of indifference and a goat..

On her Facebook post people are saying I'm and others are not true fans.. well I guess I'm not a true fan then. I spent a lot of time and money on this series to be lied or lead to believe these two would be a couple. I will be skipping this book.
I didn't care for Cameo book did not feel any connection so I'm probably done with this series.
Jessica Moro
6. JessicaMoro
All these comments are exactly how I feel! I also understand these are the author's books and her characters but I actually feel bamboozled ha. I wasn't a huge shipper of William and Gilly but i think it's because i expected their story to come way down the line. Now this happens. I just don't even know after soooooo many books building them up. SO MANY.
7. booklover19
Wow - I gotta be honest. I gave up reading these about 5-6 books in. But I loved William even back then and I can't believe he still does not have a completed story. And to find out the woman many people wanted him to end with isn't the woman he ends with - I'd be so aggravated!
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
As someone pointed out. "I hope they're secretly related and that's why they can't be together because that's the only thing I can justify this with"

I guess we'll have to wait and see how Gena handles it!
Lynn Bassler
9. lbassler
I’m disappointed and frustrated. I feel cheated by this author who spent soooo much time hinting to a future between these two characters. She clearly had plans, at one point in time, for these two to get a HEA together... if she didn’t then all the hinting and teasing was cruel! Not sure I’ll read Darkest Warrior.
10. SpiritedMuse
Honestly, I have never quite had much of a connection to this series from the first books. I mean I hate to admit it, but this series never quite snagged my true interest, since it read so differently from the prequel story.

So now, I just want to see where it all ends really. As for the whole William and Gillian thing. I never really liked it as she was uber young and he was just too much of an ass. Puck may have indifference, but he has something that also responds to Gilly and she responds to him as well too. So maybe it will prove to be a more interesting turn of events with them than her and William.
11. Vicky99
Can't help but feel so dissapointed by this. I get that authors can do whatever they want with their books, and i respect it, and the fact that sometimes, stories don't folow the expected path.However since it was obvious that Gena never was sure about this two being together (as stated many times in earlier interviews and comments) i wish she wouldn't have make us belive otherwise. She would say something like "can't comment about William's heroine" or "that would be spoiler" and then at the next book we would have a scene between the two. I feel like if she had ended their chemistry (they had plenty of that and nobody can tell me otherwise) before, now there would be way less angry people.

Anyway not quite sure about this book. I'm kinda reluctant about puck and his furried anatomy parts...if you know what i mean.
12. Heather E Fowler
I so wanted William and Gillian to get together so when she and Puck got married in an immortal-sort-of-way-that-can't-be-undone type deal, I was like NOOOOOO! so sad, but I am holding out hope that I won't be disappointed. A lot of books and TV shows are going the route of doing things with main characters that the reader/viewer doesn't see coming that has a huge plot twist or keeps it "fresh" (not saying I like it when they kill off a main character in a TV show or book), but I am not going to pass final judgment until after I read the book. Here is hoping (fingers and toes crossed).
13. C evans
I was really happy that William & Gilly won't be a couple. I never liked the idea of them together. It never felt right to me. She just seems to young, fragile, and weak for someone like William. Without the attraction their relationship would be more like an protective sibling or family member. I like that idea much but than them together....
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