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Do Your Nope-Tropes Change When They’re Gender Swapped?

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We all have our “nope-tropes”—that one (or several) trope that really just... isn't for us. However, sometimes, switching the gender of the characters can make all the difference. Hate office romances, but when it's a lady-boss you're all for it? Love single mom romances but tend to pass on single dads? What about sports romance—love a strong female athlete, but could care less when the hero is the sports guy? 

Tell me your preferences down in the comments!

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1. lauralee1912
My biggest Nope Trope is a "secret baby" and that would be a tough one to gender swap! I remember news stories about a trans-gender mother who was pregnant, but the media made sure that baby was definitely not a secret.
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
@LauraLee1912, yeah I think the secret baby could be pretty much impossible to gender swap. A twist on that would be an f/f secret baby but what makes a secret baby palatible is that there is NO WAY that you could tell the other parent about the baby—because you didn't know who they were, etc etc. You can't really make that excuse when it's an f/f story since they would have, you would assume, been in a commited relationship together and made the decision to have a baby through IVF or even adoption... so yeah... no real way to make Secret Baby work under those circumstances either.
Elizabeth Poteet
3. ElizabethPoteet
I like all things gender swapped. All. Things. However, gender swapping Love Triangle still won't make me like the ambiguity of a love triangle or the feeling of sadness when I realized someone won't win...
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@ElizabethPoteet, it's true! No amount of gender swapping will fix a love triangle :( What WILL fix a love triangle is making it an angsty menage romance that ends with them all living happily ever after together ;)
Benidorm  babe
5. Benidorm babe
Christine Dabo wrote about a sort of secret baby in her m/m Making It
Benidorm  babe
6. Karen H near Tampa
Most of the tropes I don't like wouldn't be any more palatable with gender swapping but I am more inclined to read a step-sibling romance if both of the characters are male. I think it's the feeling that the power is more equal in that case and so I can read it sometimes, depending on the situation.
8. jannah
To be honest whether it's a change in gender or species, my nope trope remains a nope trope. No Touching! I won't touch a menage, love triangle or Christian Grey type tropes with a ten foot pole!!!
Benidorm  babe
9. KristaH
@Benidorm @JenniferProffitt There's a secret baby in the M/M "Again" by Mary Calmes, too.
And my only hard nope-tropes are twincest and tentacles, so non-gender related to begin with. Most anything else I'll at least try.
Benidorm  babe
10. Benidorm babe
@jenniferproffitt. It's book 3 in her trilogy entitled ringside. Well it was got but book 4 is published soon
Benidorm  babe
12. lizzie18
Nope ! I have two nope-tropes that won't make me very popular since they're among a lot of readers' favorites. They are :

1. Lovers reuniting after x years (aka second chance love)
2. Friends into lovers.

So gender swapping doesn't change anything at all.
And what can I say, I just like a book where the H/h's story starts IN the book, not in the past.
Benidorm  babe
13. Qswap
I don't know if this counts as a trope swap exactly, but I am in agreement on the dislike for the love triangle trope. In order for it to work, you need equanimity in the chemistry between all three points of the triangle, and I rarely ever see that accomplished well in a story. Usually what you get instead is one person who you cannot believe the center of the triangle would consider over the other one. Then you wind up annoyed with the center of the triangle for being so wishy washy.

Which may be why I love a good OT3. Give me three people in love with each other and trying to navigate that relationship. I love that!
Heather Waters
14. HeatherWaters
I'd never thought about it, but I don't think so in the case of my nope trope, which is teacher-student. Doesn't matter the gender, the power imbalance plus the usual age difference bothers me too much.
Jennifer Proffitt
15. JenniferProffitt
@Qswap, OT3 is the only way I read menage etc. Because exactly--give me three people in love and I'm DONE (in a good way)! I will also tolerate a very short-lived love triangle if a) I'm not kept guessing until the very end and b) I KNOW the other person gets an HEA.

@Lizzie18, I'm kind of with you on the lovers reuniting because I think a lot of times the things that tore them apart back in the day are still present and so the author has to work for it for me to believe they are over those things!

@Benidormbabe, I'm going to check it out!
16. jannah
@lizzie18 I so agree with you there. Second chance and friends to lovers trope to me are a no go. I don't see the appeal to be honest. I need a book to start from the beginning without an establish backstory we have to get in flashback.
Wendy the Super Librarian
17. SuperWendy
My biggest nope trope is soul mates or fated-to-be-mated - which can't really be gender swapped since both parties need to be involved in such a trope from the get-go. There's no saving that one. It's horrible any way you slice it.

BDSM bores me because it's always the same thing over and over and over again. But I'm here for femdom all day long. True femdom. None of this "oh, I'm really a switch or I have a sub in me yearing to break free!" True Femdom. End of discussion. More of that please.

I love boss/secretary anyway but OMG lady bosses?! I'd one-click so hard I'd break a finger.

Also, one of my favorite tropes ever? The Virgin Hero. Just because it is so subversive. The flipside of that - the virgin heroine? Meh. It's been done. Ad nauseum. Since the birth of the romance genre.
Benidorm  babe
18. SpiritedMuse
Nope, gender swapping can't help me enjoy a beastiality story more, someone being overly alpha, playing with urine or feces. As it's all just hell to the major NAW! Regardless who is giving receiving or anything else.
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