Sep 29 2017 7:06am

Who Is Your Favorite Villain Turned Hero/Heroine?

Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas

The reformed hero and the mean girl turned heroine are beloved tropes in the genre. We love seeing the villain get their comeuppances, but we love a redemption story just as much, if not more!

So, what has been your favorite redemption story? What author do you trust to make that shift for you? Is there any character you thought was too irredeemable but the author changed your mind? 

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1. Kahintenn
My favorite villain turned hero is Lord Edmond Waite of Mary Balogh's wonderful The Notorious Rake. Balogh reveals the true man slowly through the book, but you are left unsure until just before the end whether the widowed heroine Mary, Lady Mornington, will accept him fully. I can't recommend this book highly enough.
2. Janeane C.
Malcolm from Sarah Maclean's Day of the Duchess. He was such a despicable a-hole when we first met him, but Sarah did a wonderful job of taking us inside his soul and helping us see his growth. Plus he gave great grovel. I didn't want to fall in love with him, but I did.
3. Chris C
Graelem DeMoreton from Catherine Coulter's medieval Warrier's Song and then in Fire Song. Villain in Warrier's Song turned hero - eventually - in Fire Song. Eventually accepts and loves the woman whom he married on her deathbed who survived.
4. Olivia H.
A post about villains can't go by without a mention of St. Vincent in Kleypas' Devil in Winter. He's such a bad boy and just plain fun.

But top points for villainy have to go to Valentine in Elizabeth Hoyt's Duke of Sin. He is truly, truly terrible and a Villain (with a capital V!). By the end of the book, he's not exactly reformed, but sort transformed into the heroine's own pet villain? It was a risky choice by the author, but I loved it.
5. Miss A
Love him or hate him, no one can argue that Lothaire from Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series is one of the most evil of villians, but one of the best turn arounds in the name of love. He plays the man all other characters hate, due to his certified insanity, and usage of trickery. While he remains an anti-hero in the proceeding books, he is utterly devoted and gentle with his Appalachian bride (after his initial plot to end her existance). Ellie Pierce is, at this point in the series, the only reason he retains any level of sanity. Highly recommend this series to any who have not already been sucked into its world.
6. jannah
Without a doubt that title goes to Sebastian St. Vincent from Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas. Swoon
7. Kareni
I agree that Sebastian St. Vincent is a great example of a villain turned hero though the change, as I recall, seems to be between books rather than in one book.

Roarke is a reformed criminal in J.D. Robb's ... in Death books so perhaps not a villain but definitely not 100% reformed.
8. nikipotter
For me, my man Sebastien St. Vincent from Devil in Winter will always top the list for this trope <3
Malcolm from Sarah Maclean's Day of the Duchess is definitely a new favorite too!
As for the gals, Sugar Beth Carey from SEP's Ain't She Sweet is my all time favorite redeemed heroine
9. KatWVa
Hugh in the Kate Daniel's series by Iona Andrews. It started out as an April fool's joke about the villian getting his own book and him being a good guy. Their Fans loved the idea so much they are now writting the book.
10. Gerri
Lothsire in IAD by Kresley Cole, he was evil, crazy in prior books but in his own book he still was crazy but you understand him better and why he was that way. True love help changed him
Sherily Toledo
11. LCKnicks
It would be Julien Eton Anatole aka Dagger from Born Of Legend - By Sherrilyn Kenyon The League Series book #9. He was hated throughout the first 8 books, so when you get to his story, you read his side of events and get to know him for the truth and you can't help but to fall in love with this man. Also, Styxx from Styxx - By Sherrilyn Kenyon The Dark Hunter Series book #22. Another man that you hate throughout the series till you read his story and learn his truth. You will end up falling in love with this man as well.
12. SpiritedMuse
I agree with Julien and Styxx's books definitely were some eye openers for me. I would also have to say Haidee from the Lord of the Underworld books. Yea, she was a bad chick that they hated initially. But once you find out why she was behaving as she did and where it was coming from. I found I understood her a lot more than some of the other characters at times.
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