Sep 8 2017 7:09am

What Do You Think of Office Romances?

Off the Clock by Roni LorenFriends to lovers may be one of the most popular tropes in the genre, but for some readers that has nothing on the beloved, forbidden allure that can exist in the office romance. However, for some, the power dynamic found in office romance just doesn't work for them. 

What are your thoughts? What do you like (or not) about the office romance trope? Are you fine when it's among co-workers (perhaps working in an office with a strict no fraternizing policy) than it is when it's a boss and his direct report? 

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
Co-oworkers don't bother me unless they are competing for the same promotion; for some reason, this set-up just doesn't work for me. As for boss-underling, I've read so many of these and mostly I can tolerate it except when the power inbalance is brought to bear on the relationship, (forced "seduction".) I do have to suspend disbelieve, though. If I think about it too much, I get cranky.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Teacher/student is one of my squick tropes, so you'd think boss/assistant would be as well. But I think The West Wing handled that dynamic so exquisitely and respectfully with Josh/Donna that it's influenced the way I see boss/assistant romance novels as well, when done right. Which is to say: I LOVE THEM. As long as authority is not abused and the relationship's disclosed in the end.
Jessie E
3. Jessie E
LOVE this trope! The two leads are forced to be together frequently (as in marriage of convenience or fake relationship), and I always love when the h/h have more page time together. Boss/employee doesn't bother me unless the author makes it a thing--so, boss threatening to fire or employee showing that they're afraid to do something because of the dynamic.
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
This is one of my favorite tropes too! I absolutely love it, thought, yes, I'm with you @Bungluna, Iif they're competing for the same job I don't love it.
5. Kareni
You can add me to the list of those who don't care for the competing for the same job storyline. Other than that though, I have no issues with an office romance.
Wendy the Super Librarian
6. SuperWendy
Count me in as another one who doesn't like office rivals (ie. competing for the same promotion or whatever). I avoid those like the plague. What typically happens is both hero and heroine come off as petty and mean-spirited and I'm like, "Why am I supposed to care they get a happy ending?" That said....

I love the boss/secretary trope. Yes, I freely admit I'm "part of the problem." In real life? Yeah, it's a sexual harrassment lawsuit waiting to happen. But it's one of those romance tropes where I can completely park reality and flip the switch into Fantasy Land. In my Top 3 of Favorite Romance Tropes of All Time.
Jessie E
7. Lolane
They're compelling to me because they're a way to rewrite the ones that went wrong for me. I can't in good conscience advocate office romance IRL because I know all too well all the ways it can go bad IRL. The woman usually winds up carrying the brunt of the repercussions, sad to say. But I can enjoy a good Office Romance with the capital letters, because I know the author is going to fix it, and rewriting memories is effective therapy.
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