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An Express Checkout of Superstore’s Top 3 Ships

Superstore on NBC

Office romances are so my jam. I don't know that you'd consider Superstore a “traditional” office comedy in the way that you would...The Office, but co-workers to lovers is truly a wonderful thing to me. If you're not yet watching Superstore, don't worry, I'm here to give you a crash course on the best ships of the show because I am who I am and I must ship something in order to watch TV. 

I regret nothing. 

Superstore is filled with characters—and I'm not simply referring to quantity, but quality. Everyone has so much personality and it's a deeply funny, flawed, and wonderful show. 

This show has two full seasons, with Season 3 beginning September 28, so you've got plenty of time to catch up on the hilarity that is this fantastic update on an office comedy that works in spades.

So who is there to ship?

Warning: spoilers ahead for Seasons 1 and 2 of  Superstore.

3. Mateo and Jeff

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Mateo and Jeff's relationship started in a very funny way, with Mateo believing Jeff is hitting on him only for Jeff to turn around and give Mateo really terrible tasks to complete. Mateo goes out of his way to impress Jeff when he thinks Jeff is there to let people go after many of the staff go on strike. 

When Jeff finally does ask Mateo out, Mateo is elated and beside himself, but there's a kink in the plan—Jeff is the district manager, and he and Mateo can't be open with their relationship.

A comedy of errors ensues when people think Sandra (poor Sandra) is the one dating Jeff, and eventually it comes out that Jeff and Mateo are an item. When corporate finds out, Jeff asks Mateo to transfer stores, but Mateo is (unbeknownst to Jeff) undocumented and can't move stores without raising major red flags. So, sadly Mateo breaks up with Jeff in order to remain at that Cloud 9 store he's at. 

Ship status: Unknown. It's obvious at the end of Season 2 that Jeff and Mateo still care for one another, but Mateo's circumstances makes their romance a near impossibility. Ah, tortured love, my shipper heart's calling card. 

2. Garrett and Dina

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Garrett and Dina are an odd pair that I love. They really don't like one another. They are very open about their mutual antipathy and the nature of their relationship being purely sexual—there's even a hilarious episode where they shake off the term “friends-with-benefits” because they're decidedly not friends.

Garrett and Dina apart are as interesting and weird as they are together. Nothing about them should make a whole lot of sense, but I still really root for them to be together. At the end of Season 2, their...uh...sexual congress? seems to still be in full effect. I fully believe that there are mutual feelings between the two of them.

I just can't say for sure that the feelings they share don't tip the scale a little into the loathing category. 

Ship status: They survived the tornado, so chances are high that they'll resume their whatever-they-are-with-benefits situation.

1. Amy and Jonah

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Ah, my ship of ships for this show. I love this pair.

Their relationship starts out contentious and with Jonah making a total ass of himself. There's also a delicious case of mistaken identity at the start—again, on the part of Jonah—and I couldn't love pairings that start out this way anymore if I tried.

But overall, Amy and Jonah are a study in opposites. They are sweet with one another, but also sarcastic. They sing together, pull pranks with one another, and tease each other mercilessly. They also get really awkward and defensive when called out about how much they flirt with one another (it's a WHOLE lot). They challenge one another, they annoy one another, they have lingering looks and angst and obstacles. Oh, and there's pining. Mutual pining. 

This is truly the stuff my best ships are made of—angst, pining, and obstacles. 

I am who I am.

Jonah and Amy's romance isn't an easy one. Amy is married to her high school sweetheart, and their relationship is rocky and has been for a while. The “will they won't they” is centered more around Amy and her relationship with her husband than whether or not the attraction between the pair is mutual.

It's very mutual.

So mutual in fact that in the Season 2 finale, when a tornado is destroying the store, Amy and Jonah kiss, while huddled together for warmth and comfort. I mean, how trope-y and wonderful is that? It's literally a kiss on the brink of disaster because we might not get a tomorrow!!! 

Y'all—this is a what dreams are made of. 

Ship status: !!!!!! Amy was seen with her worried husband and daughter during the final scene of Season 2. So much angst is on the way. I can't wait! 

Honorable Mention:

Cheyenne and Bo

Source: jonahsimms.tumblr.com

Cheyenne and Bo are young and a bit reckless as a couple. During their wedding episode, Amy admits that the very young Cheyenne reminds her a lot of herself. Cheyenne and Bo have a baby together in Season 1, and in Season 2 marry in a ridiculous, over-the-top wedding. Part of me thinks they're not great for one another—especially as Bo just wants to write (really bad) rap and Cheyenne is so young and impressionable, but I'm rooting for these two crazy kids to make it work.


So tell me—what's your favorite ship on Superstore?  

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1. Cor
Jen! Thanks so much for writing this! Superstore and its ships just don't get enough love!
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I could not agree more with your ranking. Amy and Jonah have been my #1 since the beginning, because that Jim/Pam vibe was obvious from early on, but Garrett and Dina really snuck up on me and I can't believe how much I like them.
3. Taragel
I love Garrett and Dina, but I also loved that tiny almost throwaway plotline of Sandra meeting Jerry at the bachelorette party (but because she lied about Geoff he thinks she's taken and hooks up with Carol instead) and then their reunion/get-together at Cheyenne's wedding!
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Taragel -- A collective "ohhhh yeaaahhh" just went up at the office. You're so right, that was really charming. I hope we see more of them in season 3!
Jen Wattley
5. JenWattley
@Cor--thanks so much! x

@Heather--I just want those crazy kids to get it together, but Amy's gotta ditch her hubby first. I'm ready to angst over them this season!
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@JenWattley -- Oh, for sure. And Amy and her husband need to decouple for their own reasons, not because of Jonah. I feel strongly about that. So the Amy/Jonah kiss last season *definitely* complicates things...
7. wsl0612
Jamy is my jam too! This show is so funny, one of the few network offerings that I tune in for. The cast is excellent, and I'm always wanting to give poor old Glenn a big hug :-)
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