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First Look: Rebecca Zanetti’s Storm Gathering (September 19, 2017)

Storm Gathering by Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti
Storm Gathering (Scorpius Syndrome #4)
Raz Ink / September 19, 2017 / $4.99 digital

When I cracked open Rebecca Zanetti’s newest installation of the Scorpius Syndrome series, I said to the Universe what I typically do when I start one of her books: hello great story, goodbye productivity.

I’m not typically a sci-fi or futuristic reader. I pretty much keep my timelines in the here and now, but I picked up a copy of Mercury Striking at a Romance Writers of America conference a while back because I love everything she writes (the man on the cover was so hot, but I really didn’t know what it was about). I cracked it open on the plane and was hooked right away. So much, that I have since read everything on her paranormal list. Who knew it was so good? Who knew! I’m particularly fond of the chapter headers, which serve as the diary entries for different characters.

The only way civilization will survive is if the women just take over. Duh.

- Maureen Shadow, Notes

When last we left off in the Scorpious Syndrome series, Tace Justice was figuring out life in his faster, stronger, more intense post-infection-survivor self, and Sami Steele divulged she was the hacker who took down the Internet. Raze Shadow rescued FBI profiler Vivienne Wellington, and Jax Mercury continues to protect the Vanguard and his lady love, Lynn Harmony, so she can find a cure for the bacterium. Exciting stuff, people. The surviving factions of mankind are still fighting amongst themselves to a degree, just trying to survive, but the Vanguard and Mercenaries have begun working together to defeat President Atherton and Vice President Lake. The two groups have a tentative peace because the Mercs helped Vanguard rescue Vivienne and Lynn from the Prez when they were kidnapped. Peace is tenuous, at best, because Greyson has decided to kidnap Maureen Justice, Tace’s sister because she’s the key to something he wants: the man who “purposefully spread the pandemic while killing indiscriminately.”

“I can’t stop you from taking our resources.”

“I don’t want your food or water.”

Her lungs seized. “There’s nothing for you here, then.”

“You couldn’t be more wrong.” His gaze was back to her.

Life is stressful and difficult. Some people have been infected by Scorpius and some haven’t. Some have died, and some have survived … and of those survivors, some are crazy and violent as shit and some came out stronger. Can you imagine never letting down your guard? Greyson and Maureen have a strong attraction to each other, but he never crosses the line since she’s not on level playing ground with his. She’s his captive, for all her freedom within Merc territory. But one night …

This whole pregnancy thing during the apocalypse was exhausting.

Pregnancy in this new world poses a horrible truth: no babies have been born… to anyone. Both Grey and Moe have survived the bacterium, which makes it more unlikely the new life growing with her will make it. The race is on and even more desperate than before to find a cure, or more acutely, the way to ensure a full, viable pregnancy and birth. Grey will stop at nothing to make it happen.

“I guess I have one more carrot to dangle.”

Grey stiffened but kept his expression clear. “Which would be?”

The smile Atherton used this time was all charm. “You align with me, and I’ll tell you exactly where Zach Barter is right this second.”

Zanetti keeps readers on the edge as Grey and Jax continue to battle their instincts. Ban together to build a safer, stronger society; work independently to keep the status quo? Greyson wants to wind up on the winning side of things, so that means he’s torn between siding with the Prez and the possibility of the country being rebuilt, versus siding with Jax and the Vanguard. Maureen’s loyalty lies with her brother, who is a Vanguard, but her heart is with Greyson, who is Mercenary. Grey’s loyalty has been to his people and his dead friend, Ferris… but Moe holds his heart.

The need to keep her safe, to keep her as his, was frightening in its intensity.

This is romance, and it doesn’t get any better than this! I can’t wait for Winter Igniting next year!


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