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Moving On Sucks: Outlander Season 3, Episode 2 Heart-to-Heart

Outlander, 3x02, Surrender

Show/EpisodeOutlander, Season 3, Episode 2, “Surrender”
Couple(s): Jamie and Claire

Outlander 3x02 Captain's Log

Well, Jamie now lives in a cave, Claire is a reluctant 1950s (technically 1949) housewife, and Frank is about at the end of his supporting and loving rope. Welcome back to Outlander, y'all. In the immortal words of Backstreet Boys, “quit playing games with my motherforking heart.”

Because “Surrender” is all about the age-old question: How the heck do you move on from a failed revolution and a soulmate lost to time?

For Jamie, he decides to live in a cave and turn into cross between a vagrant and a crazy survivalist. Yup, you read that right, our hottie Jamie, the Jamie of the great cheekbones, the only Hollywood redhead (besides Domhnall Gleeson) you've ever been attracted to (sorry, Archie Andrews), looks like shit for 90% of the episode. Long scraggly hair that looks like my own sorry bedhead, a full beard that's more “what animal died on Jamie's face” and less “hot lumberjack,” and a really ugly hat complete the package. Plus, the aforementioned he-lives-in-a-cave-in-the-woods-near-Lallybroch thing. Did I mention the fact he lives in a cave like a troll? Jamie's been hiding out in the three years since Culloden, and he's not coping too well. He barely speaks (I started a tally for how many words he says during the episode, then got tired after 25, but still, he's rather taciturn), and sure, an emotionally struggling Jamie is woo! for character development, but it's boo! for female fans because that accent deserves all the screen time it can get. In fact, I wrote in my notes: hotness factor -2.

Source: jvmiefraser.tumblr.comYeah, shit's been hard for our beloved Highlander and the arrival of a new troop of Redcoats looking for Red Jamie and harassing his family (and pregnant sister) doesn't make it any easier. Also not helping, his sister's urging him to finally get laid again. After all, it's been years since he had sex, and as Jenny points out, their new housekeeper is looking pretty fine and is probably fertile.

Flash forward to 1949, where Claire is also having a bit of a hard time. New mom Claire and doting father Frank are having their own troubles. For Claire, that means a sex dream about Jamie's butt—welcome to our lives, Claire—and a restlessness to do something in her life besides hosting couples for dinner and wearing really unflattering dresses. Honestly, the boredom just bleeds off the screen. Claire was bored, I was bored, that baby was probably bored.

So, how the heck do you move on from a failed revolution and a soulmate lost to time?!? Answer: Close your eyes and have sex with someone else. Darn you, Outlander, darn you!

YEP, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Jamie and Claire both get back on the sex horse with other people.

Claire misses her husband, but personally, I think girl just misses getting some and who can blame her? So she and Frank attempt to get their relationship back on track...physically. At first, things seem to be going pretty swell—hello, girl on top!—but Frank notices that while his wife might be initiating their sexytimes, something isn't right. Claire refuses to make eye contact—or even look at Frank—during sex, and mid-coitus he decides to call her out on it. “Claire, when I'm with you, I'm with you, but you're with him.” Some heavy shit to be discussing while inside of someone, Frank, but I get it. No one wants to think they're just a stand-in. Poor Frank. So attractive, so supportive, so always the second choice.

Jamie misses his wife and his life. Living like Bear Grylls is not fun, he's putting his family in danger, and after two narrow brushed with the law—one which results in Fergus getting his hand cut off ON SCREEN—he's ready to return to world and go to prison. So after bullying Jenny into agreeing to give him over to the British in exchange for the bounty on his head, Jamie retreats back to his cave to prepare...and who comes to help him out? Oh, just the new attractive housekeeper, Mary. She gives him a shave and a haircut, thank god, and then drops her clothes. She's a widow, his wife is gone...can't they share in something to soothe the pain? For a brief second, my heart had hope that Jamie would stay faithful and turn Mary away, but he doesn't—the two kiss, she lowers the top of her shift to show him her breasts, and then it fades to black. I know it's a double standard, but while I'm fine with Claire having sex with other people (again, she has needs), I hate the idea of Jamie doing the same. I don't care if it's irrational.

The episode then ends with both Jamie and Claire taking steps into the future outside of the bedroom as well. Claire enrolls in college to become a doctor—“a woman and a negro in this year's upcoming class, how very modern of us”—and Jamie is carted off in the back of a wagon by the British—“little difference to the prison I'm in now”—so basically, all sunshine and rainbows.


Memorable Lines

“Claire, when I'm with you, I'm with you, but you're with him.” —Sad Frank

“...and that's just a hand. Claire was your heart.” —Ian talking about the loss of his leg and Fergus's hand and how Jamie's loss compares

Charting the Course

Sigh. It's hopeless. Completely hopeless. I now remember why I stopped reading the books. I'm too weak for this shit. Yes, I think Claire will make a kickass doctor, and, sure, Jamie is going to go to eventually escape from prison, but what's the point? Next episode will just be more Frank and Claire struggling to connect, Claire fantasizing about Jamie, Jamie fantasizing about Claire, and likely a whole bunch of death/blood. I'm just going to go to bed and dream of Jamie's butt and hope to wake up in 1749 Scotland too, Claire.

Next Stop

Season 3, Episode 3, “All Debts Paid”

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Lizzie Poteet is a hopeless romantic who appreciates a good kilt and a sexy Scottish burr. Even if she can hardly understand it. She studied abroad at the University of St. Andrews on the off chance she would fall back in time and meet her own warrior soul mate. Sadly, she didn’t and now lives in New York with her dog Mr. Darcy where she watches a lot of TV by night and working as a literary agent by day. You can follow her @lizziepoteet.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I know Claire thinks Jamie is dead and Jamie thinks Claire is never coming back, but this level of angst is MUCH TOO MUCH for me. I honestly don't remember how I survived reading book 3.

Thanks for making me laugh through this recap, though!
2. kahintenn
Great, funny recap of a very bleak episode! Hang in there!
Elizabeth Poteet
3. ElizabethPoteet
Yeah, @ Heather, I am now remembering why I was like "eh I'm good here" with the books. Thankfully, it's a bit easier to handle the angst on the TV screen. I take my pages very personally.

And @ kahintenn, as Dumbledore says we have to find happiness in the darkest places, or something like that. I'm sure he was talking about Outlander.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Elizabeth -- Yeah, I read this one in college and remember being devastated. Fun!
Anna Bowling
5. AnnaBowling
Possinly unpopular opinion. but I was okay with this episode. Not a favorite, but didn't hate it. Full disclosure, I am an angstbunny par excellence, provided I get my happy ending (though full disclosure on the full disclosure, I have not made it this far in the books) so as long as Claire and Jamie do find their way back to each other, I can get through this. Not that I like them sleeping with other people, but Claire has a husband in her "now," and what is Jamie supposed to do, if he believes Claire is really truly dead? Go live by himself in a cave?

Oh wait, that is exactly what he did, and his angst came through beautifully, which fit with the entire extremely bleak episode. We have missing limbs/extremeties, Jamie is basically walking around without a heart, but with enough to take care of Jenny by setting her up to betray him, which is kind of him betraying her; Frank and Claire try to make some headway in their marriage, but while Frank is with Claire, Claire's mind is with Jamie...for an angstbunny, this is a salad bar.

Still want my HEA, though, but for now, this will do. Most certainly agree abotu Claire's unflattering clothing in 1949, because I also like fashion. She has to suffer that, too?
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@AnnaBowling -- Logically, I agree with you--they have to move on or go insane at this point. But the angst wears on me with this series because it feels like one hit after the other, and since it's not technically romance, I do worry about the end of the books/show for our beloved Jamie/Claire.
Susan White
7. whiskeywhite
@AnnaBowling, I don't quite understand your point about Jamie "kind of ... betraying" his sister. Could you explain a bit more? He consulted her about the plan and while she didn't agree with it, she eventually gave in.

I agree with everyone that it was a grim episode. Also that the hair was hideous (I saw an interview recently with Caitriona and Sam in which they were joking about the wig, and how it had its own trailer, etc.).

One thing that struck me was how Fergus took the loss of his hand. He was surprisingly adult -- rather unrealistically so, in my view. He was joking about having become "a man of leisure" (in other words he wouldn't be able to work and make a living). I don't remember the agreement whereby Jamie pledges to support Fergus for life should he become incapacitated while thieving for Jamie. But no matter. The real question is, how does Jamie plan to do that from prison (or the gallows?). Fergus is much younger and presumably, unless he gets into more trouble, could lead a long life. Where's the life-long support coming from? I have to admit, though, that I was touched by Fergus assuring Jamie that he trusts him and always has.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
@whiskeywhite, on rewatch, Jenny did agree, though she wasn't an enthusiastic participant, but the way she crumbled when she saw Jamie taken away, that hit hard, which is a testament to the actor. She made me believe it. Not an easy position for any of them, and while the reward did help the family financially, it had to be hard for Jamie to know he'd be putting his sister through that sort of pain. Perhaps betrayal wasn't the right word. This show will mess with one's senses, but I am not complaining.
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