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First Look: Katie Ruggle’s On the Chase (September 5, 2017)

On the Chase by Katie Ruggle

Katie Ruggle
On the Chase (Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit Series #2)
Sourcebooks / September 5, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital 

Katie Ruggle has brought us some intriguing mysteries so far, but in her latest Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit novel, even the characters aren’t sure what is happening and who is truly in danger.

Grace Robinson (not her real name) is in hiding in the small town of Monroe, Colorado, because of a dinner party gone wrong.  No, she didn’t use the wrong fork.  Grace thought she had met a real life Disney prince until she got lost looking for the bathroom and stumbled upon a nightmare hiding in the beautiful mansion.  That one wrong turn has her abandoning everything, changing her name and running for her life from a powerful man who has people everywhere, including the local California police department.  

Right before they reached the end of the corridor, the cop steered her toward a door marked Stairs.  Just as she’d known she wouldn’t survive if she’d gone back into Martin’s mansion, Kaylee knew, deep in her gut, not to enter the stairway with L. Javanovic.

Leaving everything she worked so hard for is bad enough.  Now she is forced to share a run down house and one bathroom with five other people. And since she can’t use the several degrees she worked so hard to earn, she should be just happy she has a job even if it is cleaning up poop at the local kennel in this teeny, tiny town.  Right?   It has to be better than being dead.  At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Except Grace can’t even settle into her new miserable existence since her new housemate’s boyfriend is a local police officer, and she hasn’t forgotten the last cop who tried to “help” her.  Officer Theo doesn’t seem willing to accept Grace’s cover story at face value.  Neither will his hot—not hot, just annoying partner.

Officer Hugh Murdoch has nothing but free time since he is currently on leave after being shot a few weeks ago, so he has plenty of time to fixate on the new puzzle that has come to town in the form of Grace (no way is that her real name) Robinson.  Grace is running from something, but Hugh doesn’t believe it is simply an ex-boyfriend.  He can believe a man could become obsessed with her to the point of crazy, but something else is setting off his cop radar.  Or maybe it is just the head injury he received the other day when his truck blew up.  

For whatever the reason, Hugh is fascinated by the mysterious Grace and decides he needs to stick very close so that he can investigate—yes, that’s it.  He needs to stick close in order to investigate why she has suddenly come to town.  The only problem is now that Hugh is sticking so close to Grace, when they nearly get shot at by a sniper, they don’t who the killer was actually aiming at.

While Grace is panicking that Martin Javanovic has somehow tracked her down to this podunk town in the mountains, Hugh is afraid that whoever shot at him and blew up his truck is still gunning for him.  So who is in danger and who is just an innocent bystander?

“We don’t even know for sure that it’s you they’re aiming at.  It still could be that Martin Javanovic sent these guys after me.  Self-involved much?”

Despite his dark mood, that made him snort.  “No.  They’re after me.”

Twisting in her seat, she crossed her arms and locked eyes with him.  “Not necessarily.”

It doesn’t really matter who is after them.  As long as Grace and Hugh stick together, they are both in danger.  And as long as someone is trying to get to them, there is no way Hugh is walking away and leaving Grace unprotected.  


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1. bungluna
This author just came to my attention recently and I've glommed all her books. I'm looking forward to this one.
2. lauralee1912
Really enjoyed Run to Ground. Didn't realize this book was coming out today! My reading plans may have changed.
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