Sep 6 2017 7:02am

Not Reading? What Makes You Feel That Way?

Bored girl reading and studying


Oh the humanity! 

Yes, we know. It's shocking. Every now and then, our brains are just too tired to read... or just too apathetic to all of our reading options that we just don't feel like reading. 

When you don't feel like reading, why do you feel that way? What has caused it usually? Is it too many “meh” books in a row? Is it too much going on in your life that reading just isn't enough of an escape? 

Tell us your “why” down in the comments!

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I feel like if I don't feel like reading at all it's because I'm either too tired (i.e. my commute every morning, I typically don't read) or because I've read too many mediocre (for me) books in a row.

Sometimes, though, it's neither of those things and I'm just in a funk and so I will take a break from reading because I KNOW the book I'm reading will be a good one and I don't want my reading funk to get in the way of enjoying what would otherwise be a good book.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
Too many disappointing books in a row will do this to me. I reach a point where nothing pleases me and I have to take a break. So I watch some mediocre TV and that drives me right back to my books.
3. PhoebeChase
The only time I don't feel like reading is when my brain is lazy. You know the old writing advice "show, don't tell"? -- well, when I don't feel like using my imagination to "see" a story, I'll pick up the TV remote instead of a book and do a reverse "show, don't tell."
4. lauralee1912
Being brain tired from a particularly tough workday will keep me from reading. I'll spend some time on Pinterest or Facebook or watch a Hallmark movie that evening, then go back to my regular reading habits.
5. Benidorm-babe
Mostly because I'm on holiday or when a family member died. (My brother then a few years later my mother) Had too much on my mind. Otherwise its business as usual! About 10 books a month!
6. Althea Claire Duffy
When I go through periods of not reading books, it tends to be because I'm distracted by other things:

- When the world is on fire and I can't tear myself away from the news. Sometimes in this case I can't make myself care about anything that's going on in a book.
- Sometimes when other things in my life are busy or overwhelming and I don't have the time or the capacity for concentration.
- Sometimes when I'm thoroughly immersed in a video game I can't stop playing, or a website I can't stop trawling the archives of.
7. Jannah
Sigh. Reading slumps are killers. Mainly, mine stems from too many darn MEH BOOKS IN A ROW!!!!!!! It can also be too many repetitive storylines like the whole Fifty Shades of please stop the whole Christian Grey trope for the love of GOD!!!!
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