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First Look: Megan Erickson’s Blood Guard (September 12, 2017)

Blood Guard by Megan Erickson

Megan Erickson
Blood Guard (A Mission Novel #1)
LoveSwept / September 12, 2017 / $4.99 digital

Blood Guard is a book that desperately wants to be a movie. It's like a cross between Sin City, The Book of Eli, and ... Underworld—just without werewolves. (Yet?) You have the gritty “post apocalyptic America” feel, and you can almost see the city in black and white when Tendra walks to and from work. (Or really any time they're in the city...) But you also have the beauty and drama of the paranormal beings and their world. Complete with the club and orgy scene. The beginning especially underlines that harsh, gritty, angry feeling.

It almost felt as if the scenery and world building changed and developed as Tendra and Athan's relationship grew more established. What helps is their constant movement, and need to depend upon each other. Also going from the city, to the underground, to the woods and beyond. It's a massive journey and undertaking, that has been the entire purpose of Athan's life. I did feel that Tendra accepted her “fate” a bit too... well easily isn't the precise word, but she just accepts the vampires and her being the intended mate of the ruler after almost a token protest. Granted elite assassins coming after you I imagine is extremely persuasive. Tendra accepts everything so easily (yes even with the letter from her mother - I guess I'm just that suspicious), but there's so much going on you're always engaged and entertained. Even when it she veers into TSTL-land, Blood Guard takes a sharp turn, and sometimes the quiet moments are the ones that are most unexpected.

The secondary characters are very well developed - both the good and the bad. I imagine Athan's brother and cousin(s) will be getting their stories, but it was also nice to see complex and nuanced antagonists. Even if they were entirely evil, they woven in and out of the plot nicely. There were levels of importance, interaction, and betrayal. (There's always betrayal in dramatic paranormal romances!)

Forbidden love romances are my jam, because I love me a pining, smitten hero. Athan is so taken by Tendra, but he's been groomed his whole life to deliver this woman to his brother. Athan has been groomed to find and protect “the Sanguivita”—but he never expected to fall for her. He puts up a good fight though. (Almost too good of one.) There are just so many parts to this story!

Because this is a romance novel, you know that Tendra and Athan will end up together. Even with the hero going through the agonizing internal monologues of “she isn't meant for me and I love and want her so much but this will nullify all the meaning of my entire life.” However, even knowing all that, there was a twist that I didn't see, and I really appreciated that. I always love when there's a new surprise in a “given” story.

While Blood Guard has a finite ending, with Tendra and Athan being paired up, you definitely feel there's more to come, and I'm curious to see how things in their world play out, and also read about the other characters happy ever afters.  


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