Sep 1 2017 7:04am

How Would You Sum Up Your Feelings Toward Your TBR Pile?

Woman browsing the shelves

It's Friday, and for U.S. readers, it's the Friday before a long weekend! This means lots of reading time! However, the looming presence of the TBR pile can be intimidating... or on a long weekend it can be exhilerating, with so many possibilities! 

Use a gif... Use your words... Use whatever you like, but down in the comments, tell us how you feel about your TBR pile! Are you excited by how packed it is? Excited by how small it is? Do you feel overwhelmed? 

Let us know!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Overwhelmed is a good word, though I do it to myself. I collect and collect in the hopes that I'll one day have nothing but time to read!
2. Lammie
My TBR is out of control, and still sometimes I can't find something I want to read. I buy a lot of sale books, thinking I will read them, but then they don't look appealing when I am looking for something to read. I have cut down on buying, but there is an enormous backlog. I am trying to read 2 books from the backlog for every new book I buy.
4. Jayneh

It's like heading out on a wonderful adventure!
5. EC Spurlock
I find it very comforting to know that I'll have something new to read whatever my mood and whenever I need it! Nothing like a new adventure to lift your spirits!
7. flmom1957
Happiness, comforting, overwhelming, pleasure, knowledge, love
8. Althea Claire Duffy
A combination of excited anticipation and despair at its vastness.
9. susan59srw
Slightly overwhelmed with my TBR bookcases (not going to think about the Kindle). I try to be more selective in purchasing but I feel like the stacks are going to outlast me, years of accumulation. More and more good books just seem to keep coming along. Every once in a while I go look to scan through to see if I find one of those "Now why was I interested in this at the time" books that I can hopefully give away.
10. Kahintenn
My feelings toward my TBR pile are joy and anticipation!
Freedom Ryan
12. fryan
My feelings are: you are growing so big! I am very proud of your growth but I miss digging into your pages of love, humor, and angst. Just let me finish my house painting!
13. SpiritedMuse
Love it, hate it, overwhelmed and sometimes over it, lol. I love reading don't get me wrong. But having a full-time gig finally(after so many years of trying to find something), it makes it UBER difficult to get into reading as I once did.

So now I just pick up and read what few books I can here and there. But definitely don't have the time or energy for it now unfortunately.
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