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First Look: Colleen Hoover’s Without Merit (October 3, 2017)

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover
Without Merit
Atria Books / October 3, 2017 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital

One of my most anticipated book releases this year is Colleen Hoover's Without Merit. I am a HUGE fan of this author, even rated her last book It Ends With Us the best book of the year.  I can tell you I haven’t read a book I don’t like from her. The author always has a way of pulling you into a story and keeping you on edge, page by page. Also, there are the characters you can’t help but fall in love with, and finally the feelings that you get. I can say that with this book you get the very same feelings. 

Author Collen Hoover announced that she wanted to write a light, happy YA book after writing such a heavy book with It Ends With Us. So, you may ask, did she really write a happy and lighthearted YA book? 

Yes. This story is funny at times and lighthearted, but not too much. Please understand that this is a good thing and it seemed like it was exactly what was needed to tell Merit's story. I was feeling nostalgic and I remember how I felt when I read her first books, Slammed and Hopeless. I remember I felt every word, anticipated every stage of emotion. This book made me feel that again. Although this storyline is nothing like her past Young Adult/New Adult books, the essence of those funny and emotionally gripping stories is present in this one.  When thinking about writing a review about this book, I came to the conclusion that I couldn't really talk about the plot too much without giving away what the book is all about. Even the quotes would give away the story and this author is famous for coining terms that last with her fans.

I can tell you how I felt about the book and major themes that came about in the book. The story builds slowly, but steadily. You are learning about the relationships between Merit and her family are absolutely endearing, so I found myself wanting to power read through the story so I can figure out the plot twist.

I can tell you this is a book about a girl named Merit and her family. Merit likes to collect trophies—not ones that she has earned per se, but for reasons that will tell in the story. The significance in this is great, and you will understand it better when you read the story. Understand that this book has more of a young adult appeal, dealing with very grown-up concepts just like real life. The story explores a family’s decisions and actions and how that affects everyone in the story. It also tackles teen to mature love and all its complexities and angst. The banter between the characters is sweet and laugh-out-loud funny, and the tone of the book just really flows. 

I can say that in this book you get the very same feelings. You feel you are right there in the house with Merit and walking in her shoes as she works through many struggles.  There’s an epic hero you find that slowly makes himself known. But this is a story about more family than just the main character Merit. Yes, it is written in her perspective, but that most certainly doesn’t steal the show… 

Note: If this book is sounding good to you and you haven’t read Slammed or Hopeless, you can read those until this story is released


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