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First Look: Chantal Fernando’s Breaching the Contract (September 18, 2017)

Breaching the Contract by Chantal Fernando

Chantal Fernando
Breaching the Contract (Conflict of Interest Series #1)
Pocket Star / September 18, 2017 / $2.99 digital

In Breaching the Contract by Chantal Fernando, we meet Kat and Tristan who find themselves in an inappropriate office romance and I was here for every tense second of it! I do love a good secret relationship, and Kat and Tristan are pretty hot.

Kat is a hard-working new associate in Tristan’s law firm. His partner, Jaxon, was acting as her mentor until he had to take a sudden leave of absence and left Tristan to take over some of his cases...and the mentoring of Kat. Their mutual attraction makes the transition awkward, and add that the fact that Jaxon and Tristan have much different styles in mentorship, Kat is initially nervous about working under Tristan. Her fears are confirmed when he has her going on coffee runs and babysitting his two kids as opposed to directly helping with cases like she did with Jaxon. Despite all of this, there is some dynamic chemistry sizzling between these two and as Kat spends more time with Tristan and his family, she sees a vulnerable side to him. Likewise, Tristan sees the sharp wit and intelligence that will make Kat a great lawyer one day.

I love a good meet-cute and this one was great but I won’t give it away. I have to mention it, however, because it is a perfect example of how Chantal Fernando has written a couple with an attraction that can’t be denied. The interaction is also very typical of the characters, and as we get to know them the moments surrounding their introductions make the reader smile even more because we are in on something that nobody else at the office is privy to. Sure, they find each other attractive, but Kat and Tristan’s connection goes deeper than that. They are both loners that have suffered loss; Kat’s single father raised her and was killed in a store robbery just before she went to law school, and Tristan’s wife passed away, leaving him a single father of an adolescent girl and a young boy. It’s easy to see how they could find kinship with one another and that was due to a perfect set up by Fernando. 

Kat has a dry wit and is sharp and funny; Tristan has a wry sense of humor he lets slip when he isn’t being so serious. Despite the power dynamics that are in play here, Chantal Fernando did a great job of creating characters who actually balance well with each other. Tristan and Jaxon aren’t ancient old men trolling after ingenue interns, they are younger guys with a successful practice and Kat isn’t the aforementioned ingenue, but a grown woman who is ready to make her way in the world. Some twists and turns bump their road, completely unexpected to be frank, but I rolled with the punches. So did Kat and Tristan.

I’m ready to roll my way to the next book in this series! Jaxon’s sudden disappearance has my antennae up, but in the meantime, Kat and Tristan have quite the love story to tell. I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did!


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