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11 Books H&H Reviewers Couldn’t Put Down in September 2017

Our reviewers give us the scoop every day on the books they're loving and share their opinions here on Heroes and Heartbreakers. However, each month, we ask them to make a tough decision and recommend the best thing they've read over the last month! It doesn’t have to be a new book, as evidenced below; just something that made the month sparkle a bit more.

Without further ado, here’s the installment for September 2017 (and if you’ve missed any, be sure to check out past recs via the Related Posts section at the bottom of the post):

Be Not Afraid by Alyssa Cole

Anna Bowling:

My best read of September is Be Not Afraid by Alyssa Cole. (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) This historical romance novella, set in the heart of the American Revolution gives us two lovers on opposite sides of the conflict. Elijah, who is enslaved, fights with the patriots, in his master's stead, to advance a new nation, while Kate, formerly enslaved, gained her freedom by siding with the British. When danger thrusts the two together, they must find common ground and save those they hold most dear. Full of historical detail and a potent romance, this story will make readers think as well as feel.

Dolly Sickles:

The Hunting Grounds by Katee Robert (Amazon | B&N)

I loved everything about this story, from the wilderness setting to the two main characters who are written equally in strength and weaknesses. Maggie Gaines is no simpering female lost in the woods and reliant on the brawn of FBI agent Vic Southerland. They need each other to find a serial killer and survive both the wilds and the killer in Glacier National Park. Added to the mix Maggie and Vic worked together and shared a forbidden kiss seven years ago … ah, this is the good stuff.

Son of the Dragon by T.S. Joyce

Sahara Hoshi:

My book for September is Son of the Dragon by T.S. Joyce. (Amazon) This is her conclusion to the Sons of Beasts series. I felt this was my favorite she's written beside Blackwing Dragon. I highly recommend this series for individuals who like Laurann Dohner or similar authors. The dragon books she writes tend to have some more refinement than the other installments that I appreciate. This means they tend to be the more emotional installments because in Joyce's world a dragon shifter is the ultimate, hardest beast to control. I've covered some of Joyce's series in my post on trailer park romances.

Her next romance will focus on vampires rather than shifters so vamp lovers should be sure to check out her next release.


Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) is a perfect example of how a romance can be intelligent and feminist and still chock full of angsty goodness. Oh my, how the hero and heroine suffer! They're a Romeo and Juliet who got to live — apart — and have been paying for it ever since. Luckily, in romance, they can have a happy ending. If you like smoldering and heartbreak as much as I do, don't miss this.

The Kingpin of Camelot by Cassandra Gannon

Tori Benson:

The Kingpin of Camelot (A Kinda Fairytale #3) by Cassandra Gannon (Amazon)

Set in an unknown place and time, this curious and well-written mixture of fantasy and the mundane is a delicious confection of satire and snark. Gannon builds a delightfully entertaining story cleverly manipulate our most beloved fairy tales and characters to create an action-packed adventure while addressing evergreen political and social issues with biting wit, engaging intrigue, incorrigible antagonists, and an unrepentant romance. Well-plotted and cast with vividly eccentric characters, this lighthearted relatively low angst story scooped me up and kept me laughing from page one. Nothing is off limits or bound by any previous notions in here. It’s a new frontier and well worth the exploration.

Jennifer Proffitt:

Childhood crushes and roommates to lovers, respectively, are my jam, but when you put them together I am in heaven. Enter Amy Daws’s Keeper, (Amazon) which features pro-athlete Booker and his childhood friend (and secret admirer) turned roommate Poppy. I fell head over heels for this couple. The heat between these two was off the charts and I loved seeing all of Booker's family make an appearance, all of whom we've met in past books. All in all, Keeper is a truly fun and sexy read.

Catherine Anderson’s

Janet Webb:

My September 2017 blogger favorite is Catherine Anderson’s The Christmas Room.(Amazon | B&N | Kobo) Anderson does estranged families so well. Ditto for odd-duck characters. Lastly, she often has more than one HEA in her stories. The Christmas Room has all of the above!

The feisty relationship between a complicated widow and a crusty millionaire rancher (and a widower) is full of sparks and fury. Widow Madeline McLendon is a murder mystery writer…check out how a waitress describes her reaction to McLendon’s latest book in a convo with Madeline’s son Cam.

Trish took a seat across from him. Her green eyes sparkled with amusement. “I finally found time to read one of her books—her most recent, I think, Death by Potato Sprouts. Do you ever worry when she makes you a fruit smoothie that you might not live to drink all of it?”

Cam burst out laughing.


My pick for September is an anthology from Bedside Press called Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time. (Amazon | B&N) It's billed as an Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology, and it's both romantic and fascinating.

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Darlene Marshall:

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) won a place on my TBR shelf for the title, but it was also my best of the month. It's women's fiction more than romance, but it's a novel for everyone who loves novels, who understands the empowering nature of words to change lives, and for everyone who likes a good dirty story.

Nikki is a young Englishwoman of Punjabi descent, pressured by her family to do the expected thing—go to law school, marry a nice Punjabi boy (preferably one chosen by her parents), but she's living the western life in London and loving it. Nikki offers to teach a writing class for some extra cash and a little resume building, but what she finds is the class—all widows—want to tell stories, and the stories they want to tell are erotic. As Nikki and the widows tell their tales they also share their personal lives, and the more they become involved with storytelling, the more Nikki learns there's an undercurrent of danger within the tight-knit community that will put her at risk.

I loved how stories helped the women learn, grow, resolve issues, and come together. This was a debut novel and I look forward to more from Ms. Jaswal's storytelling career.

Kate Rothwell:

I’ve become addicted to Fred the Vampire Accountant series by Drew Hayes, (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) in part because Fred is so stuffy and his girlfriend is kickass so there’s some romance. They’re great together. It’s good too because Fred and his friends grow and change through the books—but each story is standalone which I appreciate. I’m just finishing the latest, The Fangs of Freelance, and it fits the others which are all fun, slightly silly, but thoroughly endearing books.

Love Will Always Remember by Tracey Livesay

Jen Wattley:

My best read of the month is definitely Love Will Always Remember by Tracey Livesay. (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) In general, I’m not a fan of amnesia romances, however, this book is SO charming. Like a reverse While You Were Sleeping. I love everything about Jonathan and Leighton’s romance. It’s angsty and painful, and you get to see so much of Jonathan’s POV with regard to his not being completely forthcoming with Leighton. It’s also sweet and SCORCHINGLY SEXY.

“When we kiss. Is it always like that?”

“Like what?” He forced his attention away from her lips, curious to hear her answer.

“Like…everything. Like I could live off your kisses. Like they could sustain me. Forever.”



Tell us: what was YOUR best read of the month?

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I've read Alyssa Cole's Be Not Afraid before and loved it and the only thing I might love more than the book itself is that cover!
2. Kareni
Lots of great choices above -- thanks for the post. I've been reading a new to me author, Anne Cleeland. I'm up to book five in her series featuring Acton and Doyle. This is a series that definitely must be read in order; start with Murder in Thrall.
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