Aug 10 2017 8:00am

When Was the Last Time You Went to a Library?


Libraries are a wonderful thing and something we really should take more advantage of—even when we make daily visits. So, whether you're one of the daily visitors or it's been years since you set foot on the hallowed halls of your local library, 'fess up down in the comments! 

How long has it been since your last library visit? What do you love about the library? What makes you stay away, if you're not a frequent visitor?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Probably not since I went with my grandmother to her local library at Christmas, though I did go to a Friends of the Library book sale on vacation last month... But yeah, wow, I need to rectify this situation! I volunteered at the library in high school and thus went at least twice a week, and it was one of my favorite places. Still miss the Sarasota, FL, library with a garden out back. Best library of all time.
2. rubymydear
I went yesterday! And our librarians know us and are great and the collection is housed in a wonderful old building. What I love is browsing and coming across unexpected treasures--books I read a long time ago and remember enjoying, or new, exciting titles. It's a different experience from going online to find something specific.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
Probably about a month ago. I visited the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and I fell a little in love with it. (by a little I mean a lot) But my local library... it's been too long since I've been in the physical building!
Jennifer Proffitt
4. JenniferProffitt
@HeatherWaters, I ALSO volunteered at the library in high school (during the summer) and then when I was old enough to work there, I worked there every day until college and then during the summers again in college.
Rachel K Bussel
5. Rachel K Bussel
I just went last night! I try to go weekly. My only problem is that I check out too many titles and then don't have time to read them but they are so quick, they get in the ones I've requested frequently. I was very happy to see lots of Alice Clayton books right up front recently. I love getting a brand new release from my library, especially knowing that that probably means other people are as excited about the book as I am.
6. lauralee1912
I visited my library's Overdrive site just this morning. Haven't been to the physical library in a while for books. I live in a rural area and our county library is well-used for both reading and community events. It's a beautiful space with meeting/event rooms, reading nooks, and a wall of windows overlooking a park surrounding the book collections.
Rachel K Bussel
7. Heather RR
First off I have four library cards and am in the digital collections of each daily.

Second, I married a librarian so I'm in the physical library at least once a week and sometimes as many as three.

I try to always shop the digital collections first so I can minimize problematic one clicking.
8. Cerestheories
I'm at the library at least once a week these days for story hour (for the kids). I'm also a member of the "Friends of the Library," so I go to those meetings once a month. AND I'm running YA Book Club, so I'm there for that once a month as well.
Rachel K Bussel
9. AnneH
Today actually. Love my local library, both for ebooks and paper books.
Rachel K Bussel
10. Pellington
I used to go twice a year for the book sales, but that stopped this year. But I happened to go in on Tuesday to renew my card since I couldn't find mine. I was hoping to get the rest of J.R. Ward's Fallen Angel series in e-books because I didn't want to pay $40 to read the series when I know it won't be a story I want to keep forever. But the library doesn't carry her books!!!

I just went on to the Ovderdrive and InstantFlix sites today and it's cool but overwhelming!
Michelle Guthrie
11. Michelle99
I'm a self-proclaimed library nerd. I go to our local library at least 3 times a week, usually to pick up books that I've ordered after getting recommendations from book blogs, like H & H. I also check out magazines, DVD's and audiobooks on CD. And if I *still* don't have enough to read, I access e-books via the Overdrive app.
Rachel K Bussel
13. Jana Denardo
About an hour ago. I go all the time. My mom's local library, this year, was keeping a running tally of how much money we saved by using the library which is a huge part of why I go. I often use them to try new authors (and then support the ones I love). Considering the social history of the lending library and it's attempts to bring education free to those who couldn't afford it otherwise (and still does with their internet and other services) it seems like the wise thing to keep supporting them.
Jerrie Adkins
14. filkferengi
I was just in this morning, among other errands. Going to pick up something that has come in is a surefire guarantee that something else will come in the same day.
Rachel K Bussel
15. Mare
Bout week or so ago. But since dont drive, need my son pickup, return books on call. Read ebooks alot now.
16. Kareni
I was at the library yesterday. I'm a big library user; I have a card for my city library (free due to city taxes) as well as a paid membership at the neighboring city ($130 per year). I'm often in the library multiple times a week.
Rachel K Bussel
17. Carosimo
I was there yesterday...and yes, returning a book is a surefire way of ensuring the book you've been waiting for will be in tomorrow! I always check my library first, before I buy.
Rachel K Bussel
18. sbashaw
Yesterday! I go to our library at least twice a week. I look for books you reccomend and if I can't find them I will make a purchase request. So far they have purchased all of my requests! (Knock on wood). I can check out DVDs and use the overdrive system for ebooks. I can also get books from other libraries through their link program, view consumer reports, do genealogy research, and many other things. It is a wonderful resource.
Rachel K Bussel
This morning.I got so caught up in the Sherrilyn Kenyon books I got on line but all her books on hold at our Regionallibraries and they came in this week.I am so happy.
Rachel K Bussel
20. lizzie18
I haven't been to a library since I was a teenager.
I like 'owning' a book but now that I'm retired, I should be more savvy with my money. Ideally, I should read a book from the library and, if I really like it and want it as a keeper, THEN I should buy it.

However, I live in a mostly French community and the choice of English books in my local library is pretty sparse, mostly big name best sellers. I would not find most of the romance and romance variants (paranormal, historical, suspense, fantasy) books I like. I'd probably get Nora Roberts and a couple of others, but that's it.
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