Aug 28 2017 7:16am

What Couple Overcame the Most Insurmountable Odds?

Hate to Want You by Alisha RaiMany times in romance, the main thing keeping the couple apart is the couple in question. They had a big misunderstanding, or the perceived unequal power dynamic is too much for society to handle, or one of them is allergic to cats and the other is a diehard cat lover. Whatever the circumstances, to the reader they seem very easy to “get over” as long as the couple loves each other. And in romance, that's a guarantee. 

What couple have you encountered that faced what seemed like insurmountable odds? Was their happy ending believable with how they overcame those obstacles? Did you love how the author handled it? 

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1. carmenlire
The past week I've been rereading some of my favorite BDB books, and I think I have to say John and Xhex. Those two both carried a LOT of baggage but they managed to have their HEA in a believable and totally heart-warming journey.

Then again, once I think about the BDB, like, every couple really had their challenges from Qhuay to Tohr/Autumn to, I'm already positive, Layla/Xcor (I just can't make myself read that book yet lol). One thing Ward does perfectly is provide endless drama and conflict (but in an incredibly satisfying and exhilarating way)!
Kat Howard
4. Pokey
Jamie and Claire from Outlander! Time Travel....'Nuff said.
5. xoumamah
Ah this is a great post because I'm currently reading Tied by Carian Cole and I think the couple qualifies for this category. You have a hero who is scarred physically and suffers from a range of issues from alcohol abuse to depression you name it. He literally has a truckload of baggage all on himself. Then you have the heroine who was kidnapped at the age of 8 for ten years and has been abused physically and emotionally as well.

To be honest I was a bit leery of how such two damaged characters can come together because they both seem very fragile but I was proven wrong and it looks like they were literally made for each other.
I agree with your comment carmenlire. BDB is my favorite series and I re-read every year before the new release.
7. debyrah
Ethan and Rachel 'The Darkest Hour' -Maya Banks
8. Daf
Eve and Roark - duh... A cop and a about odds. J D Robb has it down perfectly!
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