Aug 17 2017 7:07am

What Are Your Favorite “Forced Proximity” Circumstances in Romance?

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Forced proximity... it sounds super bad. When you're talking about it in the case of a romance though, it can be delicious! A fake relationship between two people who don't necessarily love (or even like) one another? Forced proximity! Two characters who don't like one another but having to volunteer together during some community service? Forced proximity! Two people who don't like one another but have to go on a road trip together because for some unforeseeable reason the rental agent only 

You may have noticed a trend. It's a great way to get couples together when they don't like each other—but really you know the characters are just protesting a little too much!

So, what is your favorite circumstance to get characters together that may otherwise never meet or fall in love? Do you find an author does this “forced proximity” trope particularly well?

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I LOVE fake relationships. It doesn't involve people who don't like each other but who don't see each other "in that way" and then suddenly they're dancing at that family wedding they asked one another to accompany them to and their eyes meet and BOOM they realize they're in LURV.
Jen Wattley
2. JenWattley
Forced proximity tropes that I love:
1. We're stuck in a snowstorm at an inn and, oh no, we have to huddle for warmth and maybe make out a little.
2. Fake dating + bed sharing
3. We went on an adventure and you got hurt and, oh look a cave for shelter, I'll build us a fire for warmth

I live for forced proximity romances.
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