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Prepping for Victoria Season 2: What Happened in Season 1, and What Should Happen Now?

Victoria on ITV

The Queen Is Back, Long Live the Queen!

The August Bank Holiday in the U.K. (federal holiday to my North American buddies), is an extremely popular date with those of us residing here.  It’s a cheeky day off work in the Summer, allowing us to revel in the fact we get a three-day weekend.  Admittedly, given our temperamental climate, it nearly always rains; we spend our time trying to barbecue under an umbrella whilst not letting our sausages get soggy.  For me however, it’s a moment of high anticipation, as it signals the triumphant return of Victoria to our television screens.  This wonderfully crafted British period drama, skilfully plugged the aching chasm left by the departure of the Crawley family, when Downton Abbey ended.

As the credits rolled on the final episode last year, Victoria had just given birth to her first child.  Her journey to this point had been an emotional rollercoaster for the viewer.  Seeing her develop an attachment to her closest advisor, Lord Melbourne, and then witness her heart breaking as she ultimately put duty before desire.  The young Queen was also faced with the mounting campaign to undermine her reign from her government and people even closer to home, and it was a joy to witness her triumph with the support of her beloved Lord M.  Her growth across the 8 episodes from a sheltered little Princess into a strong-minded Head of State determined to rule her way, had the audience enraptured.  Even the ‘arranged’ marriage to Albert, was very much a relationship established on her own terms, rather than dutifully doing as she was told.

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Now, with the arrival of the second season, I’m on the edge of my seat to find out how things unfold for my favourite characters over the course of 8 brand new episodes.  ITV have been quite tight lipped about what to expect, with only a couple of short press releases since the beginning of August, and they only dropped the start date on us this past week.  What we do know, is the central theme for Victoria will be an issue which is still relevant (possibly even more so) for women today.  The issue of juggling motherhood and work is one I’m all too familiar with, so I’m eager to see how this formidable woman managed to balance her responsibilities towards her country with the needs of her new family.  I think it’s going to be an interesting subject to cover, largely because it was unheard of for women of the era to juggle a career and children, so for Victoria to have to navigate this with a huge amount to prove to the establishment, helps to demonstrate this issue isn’t such a new subject. 


Then there’s Prince Albert played by the dashingly brooding Tom Hughes.  When we left him, he was still struggling to find his place in a monarchy which had never seen a Queen ascend the throne and marry.  We witnessed his battle to be taken seriously, rather than be viewed as a foreign interloper with no business being involved in the British constitution.  He also struggled to make his wife understand why he wanted to more than just ‘the Queen’s husband’, something I’m hoping she’ll have an even deeper level of empathy for in the new season given her own conflicts of identity.

Of course, we mustn’t forget dear old Lord M!  Despite being desperately in love with the young Queen, we last saw him lamenting his loss, whilst swallowing his pride to continue to serve the object of his affection in political office.  He bowed out in episode 5 as Victoria married Albert, and there’s not been any hint of him being part of the upcoming shows.  However, I went mooching on IMDB, and Rufus Sewell’s casting as Melbourne is still open ended, so perhaps there is hope for a sneaky guest appearance to appease all those Vicbourne lovers!

Another firm favorite of mine was Prince Ernst, the dashing, flirtatious brother of Albert.  He was a wonderful bit of light relief in the more serious episodes, but after having his heart broken by the Duchess of Sutherland, will he return to his former womanizing ways?  I loved David Oakes in this role, so I was delighted to see on Twitter he will be returning. Will Ernst be a shadow of his former self, filled with angst thanks to the love he lost, or will he revert to type?  Only time will tell, but he’ll be fantastic to watch regardless.

We also shouldn’t forget the staff below stairs either.  Will Penge have another dodgy money-making scheme on the go involving unwanted items from the palace?  Have the servants finally accepted Baroness Lehzen as head of the household?  For me though, the biggest unresolved story from last time, was the budding romance between Miss Skerrett and Mr. Francatelli, which seemed set to happen, only for him to leave the Palace for pastures new, with his young paramour refusing to go with him. Ferdinand Kingsley is reprising his role as the handsome and talented chef, so I’m curious to see whether these two potential lovebirds will finally act on their feelings for one another.

Despite the lack of intel about what’s going to happen, one thing is for sure.  I’ll be absolutely hooked until the credits roll on the final episode, then donning my widow’s weeds whilst I wait for news of whether there’s going to be a season 3!

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