Aug 29 2017 10:20pm

Nalini Singh Unveils Title of Second Psy-Changeling Trinity Novel: Ocean Light!

Psy-Changeling author Nalini Singh has announced the title of her Silver Silence followup, Book 2 in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series: Ocean Light!

While we don't know the identity of the novel's main couple yet (argh!), Singh has left a few breadcrumbs, concluding the post with three emojis—a heart pierced by an arrow, a snowflake, and a wave—that could very well lead us to some answers... What's your guess?

Ocean Light will be published in 2018. Check back for more news as we get it; we'll be updating this post as we learn new details! In the meantime, read our First Look review of Silver Silence and see what fellow readers thought of Silver Silence.

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Gerri B
1. Gerri B
Has to be a triad: arrow, changeling mermaid/merman, and psy? Oh the endless possibilities. Can't wait.
3. Scarlettleigh
Hmmm, it would strange if she left the Bo thread dangling. He is supposed to be dying.

Unless she does actually kill him off -- unlikely

So Bo is shot, he falls into the canal in Vienna and the Mer-Changlings take him to their location and save him -- but that doesn't explain the snowflake. . .
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