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Molly Harper’s The Accidental Sire Delivers the (Second) Most Embarrassing Way to Get Turned into a Vampire

The Accidental Sire by Molly Harper

In what is quickly becoming known as the second most embarrassing reason to become a vampire, just behind Jane Jameson-Nightengale being mistaken for a deer, Meagan Keene was the victim of an ultimate Frisbee accident when she is smooshed by a forty-five-pound free-weight being tossed around by vamps.

In Molly Harper’s latest novel in her Half-Moon Hollow series, Meagan was just your typical college student finishing up her degree at the University of Kentucky and sharing the now vampire-friendly campus with her new classmates.  Her biggest concern used to be homework and boys and suddenly it’s curbing bloodthirst and not biting her classmates. 

Yet from the very beginning, they could tell that something isn’t right about Meagan’s turning, starting with the fact that she awoke two days early and turned a fellow student with just a bite, not a true blood exchange.  She hasn’t been a vampire for 24 hours and already she is a sire, responsible for another vampire.

“We don’t know what to tell you, Meagan.  We’re flying blind here.  I’m not sure you’re a real vampire.”

What did that mean?  Was I some sort of supernatural freak? A vampire-shark hybrid?

Meagan and Ben’s “issues” are being kept under wraps for now since catching vampirism like its rabies might just cause a panic among the humans.  No one wants the skittish humans dusting off their stakes again.  In the paranormal world, where nothing has changed in centuries, their usual turning and the fact that they have two sets of fangs are causing quite a stir with the Vampire Counsel’s scientists and might be causing them to get a little overzealous about finding out just what kind of other special abilities Meagan and Ben have.  It’s one thing to test their reaction to silver, but they are drawing a line at finding out how they will react to tanning beds and stakes to the heart.

“Do we have to stay for this? I mean, it’s reasonable to walk out of a medical appointment if you think your doctor’s going to try to scientifically murder you, right?”

“Jane told us to cooperate,” Ben whispered. “I think that means sticking around until he actively tries to murder us.”

“Can we take our first step toward meaningful friendship by being ‘not getting staked in the heart’ buddies?”

As the current head of the local vampire council, Jane has taken over training Meagan, as her sire has mysteriously disappeared.  Jane has also taken her home to Half-Moon Hollow and sequestered Meagan until they are certain no one is planning on killing off the new and improved vampires in a panic.  Okay, let’s just call it what it is, Jane has put Meagan under house arrest until they can be certain Meagan has control of her vampire-making insta-bite and won’t go snacking on her fellow co-eds.  She is also not allowed to let anyone know where she is in case one of her friends decides to help her escape.

 “What is it with you using landlines now?  Are you becoming Amish?  Is that where you are?  Pennsylvania Dutch country?”

“Yes, I’m becoming Amish. It’s like that old movie Witness but with more fangs.”

Meagan and Ben aren’t like all the other little vampires and that it making everyone just a bit nervous.  Someone out there thinks that they are Dr. Frankenstein and they are trying to create the perfect vampire or is this the beginning of something much more sinister?


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1. Squiggles
I am still a paperback kinda girl and am sad that this series has switched to ebooks only.

But because it is what it is, I will most likely get a copy and read it and giggle and love the whole series again. But I will still wish for a paperback version.
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