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First Look: Kerrelyn Sparks’ So I Married a Sorcerer (August 29, 2017)

So I Married a Sorcerer by Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn Sparks
So I Married a Sorcerer (The Embraced #2)
St. Martin's Press / August 29, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

Kerrelyn Sparks delights readers with her newest fantasy novel which leaves us laughing and crying, and sometimes both at once. 

When seven-year-old Prince Ulfred swore an oath to protect the baby girl who would someday be his bride, he had no idea just how life changing his oath would be. In a country constantly torn by civil war, King Manfrid of the House of Trepurin agreed to the betrothal of his oldest son to the young daughter of the House of Grian to the South. This should have been the first step to uniting the warring clans, but Brigitta’s father betrayed the newly forged trust by murdering the King and Queen, stealing the crown and setting the stage for a sensational adventure of love and revenge—but only one can prevail.  

Prince Ulfred barely managed to survive the ambush which killed his father. After years of hiding in fear of discovery, he now sails the seas known only as the pirate Rupert. Rupert is Embraced and has the ability to harness the winds, making his fleet of ships unstoppable. Rupert has plagued the Tourinian Navy and their King, capturing their ships and stealing their gold. Bankrupting the current king, Brigitta’s brother Gunther, is Rupert’s first step in his strategy to take back the Kingdom.

His plan escalates as Rupert gets wind of the fact that Gunther has unexpectedly sent his Navy to collect his sister—a sister who is supposed to have died long ago—as she sails to see her sister of the heart, Queen Luciana of Eberoni.  If Gunther wants Brigitta, Rupert will make sure that he doesn’t get her.  At least, not right away.  Not until he surrenders a significant amount of gold for her ransom.  

Brigitta wants nothing to do with a brother she has never met and promises that Eberoni will pay handsomely for her return, but Rupert only wants Gunther’s gold. He also knows that Gunther is desperate to get his hands on his sister.  Desperate enough to go to war with Eberoni to get her if Rupert were to ransom Brigitta to King Leofric and Queen Luciana. 

Rupert’s whole focus for nearly twenty years has been revenge for his family, yet even a hardened pirate has limits and when Rupert finally learns why Gunther wants his sister back so desperately, he can’t turn over the woman who should have been his to Gunther’s heinous plans.  No amount of gold would be enough to be a collaborator in destroying the beautiful woman in his care, especially once he realizes that she is nothing like her father or brother.

“From the beginning you showed that you’re brave and beautiful.  When you helped Sister Fallyn up the ladder, I knew you were kind and humble.  And when you first gave me a piece of your mind, I knew you were bold and clever.  You’re everything I ever wanted or needed.  How could I have possibly hated you?”

But if Rupert doesn’t turn Brigitta over to her brother, what is he to do with her?  She might not be like her brother but that doesn’t mean he trusts her completely.  There is also the problem of Gunther’s evil plans for her.  Gunther won’t let Brigitta go even if that means a war with one of the other countries.  And if Rupert goes to war with Gunther himself, he can’t possibly keep Brigitta with him on his ship.  So how is the pirate/prince to get his revenge now?

What Rupert didn’t recognize was that he wasn’t the only one on board who is Embraced. Brigitta too has a power, but hers is the ability to uncover things that are hidden, whether it be lost items or secrets being kept. And the only things she knows for certain is that Rupert is hiding a lot of secrets. Rupert wants to keep her safe, but he still isn’t certain that he can trust Brigitta not to choose her family over him. Brigitta confesses that every time they touch, she has seen the truth about his life that Rupert continues to hide from others. Now Rupert fears that his desire for Brigitta has overwhelmed his need for revenge and even his common sense. 

Crap! He wanted to pummel something.  He wanted to beat something till his knuckles were bloody and raw.  She knew too much.  And if they kept touching each other, she would now even more.  Dammit. No matter how much he longed for her, he couldn’t touch her again. 

Handing Brigitta over to her brother might get Rupert the gold he seeks and would finally kick start his plan to reclaim his birthright, but it would be breaking the oath he had pledged so long along to the little girl who should have been his wife. Rupert is a feared pirate and a powerful wind sorcerer, but none of that can help him make a fateful decision—does he claim his betrothed or claim his kingdom? 


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