Aug 3 2017 7:01am

Is Love Better in the Past, Present... or Future?

The past is often romanticized—sweet gestures, letter writing, longing and all that yearning. The present has its appeal with love in the digital age, moderns views on love and romance, and happy endings we can relate to. And the future? Well, it holds a whole host of possibilities. When you're looking at love, do you like the modern concept, a more vintage feel, or do like the way love looks in the future? 

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!

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1. Jannah
I'm a 100% vintage girl. The first romance novel I ever read was The Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley and I remember having 3 copies of the book in case anything happened to the original copy. From there on out, the rest as they say was history! The more vintage and far back a book goes (e.g Medieval) the better.

I just think that Modern Romances lack that bit of magic that makes you believe in true love and happy ever afters. Historicals always have that touch of flair coupled with grandiose gestures that make you sigh and aww. I can read any crappy Historical novel without much qualm but I cannot get past page 10 of a meidocre Contemporary romance. Give me Dashing Dukes, Rakehell Rogues and Chivalrious Knights all day, everyday.
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