Aug 29 2017 7:02am

How Many Bookmarks Do You Own?

A book with many bookmarks in it

This week I was tackling my ever-growing physical TBR pile (we don't talk about my digital to-be-read pile... it's too scary!) and I decided to crack out a gift I got for Christmas last year: a beautiful ornate, silver bookmark that read “Happily Ever After” on one side, and “Once Upon a Time” on the other—it's very “on brand,” my family member should be proud. Since it's well known that I am an avid reader, it wasn't the first time I'd received a bookmark as a present. Despite having a tidy sum of bookmarks at home, it's also something I still gravitate towards at bookstores when I wander the shelves. 

Do you have a lot of bookmarks at home? How many do you think you have (that are official, not scraps of paper we're likely to use in a desperate moment)? Do you have a favorite?

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I couldn't even hazard a guess! My kids made me bookmarks for all occassions while they were in school, so I have mother's day, Xmas, Easter, etc. themed ones scattered amongst my books. I also have quite a few fancy ones I received as gifts from various friends. Since I like to keep bookmarks in my favorite go-to books on the shelf, I would guesstimate I have at least 200 of them.
Jessie E
2. Jessie E
Probably...at least 20 scattered around in various places. How many have I ever used? Zero.
3. lauralee1912
Nowhere near as many as bungluna, which is impressive! I have a mug full of bookmarks in my bookcase, many of which were gifts. I also make bookmarks from birthday or holiday cards by cutting them down with my paper cutter. I use them to mark favorite recipes in cookbooks and places in reference books and sometimes pass the bookmarks along to friends and family.
Jessie E
4. EC Spurlock
I have a drawer full in a little side table next to my favorite reading chair! Some were given to me by friends who picked them up on trips, some were included in birthday cards, some are actually classy wallpaper border samples, some drawn by my kids and some hand-painted by a friend. I also have a few made of paper-thin wood parquet that I picked up at a store I worked at to give to friends, and kept the ones that were left over. But the ones I use most are the silver clip-style bookmarks I got in a Christmas cracker, and the cast pewter ones from Oberon Design https://www.oberondesign.com/ who sadly don't seem to make them anymore.
5. Kareni
I too have a healthy collection of bookmarks; some are in a clay pot in the bookcase, but others are piled by my bed. I have many more than I'll likely ever use, but they are often difficult to get rid off.
Jessie E
6. MelMc
I have a basket full. They make wonderful, inexpensive, easily packed mementos when traveling. My favorites are a Japanese print of kittens watching a goldfish that I purchased as a teenager and another that is a pink ribbon with a gold plated birch leaf on the end. My love of bookmarks is such that I chose my ereader case because it had a slot I could keep a bookmark in. The tassel sticking out the top of the case just makes me happy.
Jessie E
7. susan59srw
I have around 60 spread amongst 4 rooms. Some are gifts as I am a reader and I like cats, some I bought. Others are freebies from authors, associations and conventions. The prettiest one is thin wood with lacy look cut outs depicting a cat sitting on a fence.
8. Janga
If I include freebies from authors and others, I have too many to count. On my desk, I have a Proust mug and a book-decorated pencil cup stuffed full. I also have a small basket filled with the small, magnetized ones I once used to mark favorite passages when most of my reading was in paper copies and with other, special ones. My three favorites were gifts: a beaded, beribboned one in my favorite color with a Helen Keller quote ("The most beautiful world is always entered through imagination."), a hand-crocheted angel, and a clear-and-silver-beaded twist with an initial charm. The last one is especially dear since the oldest grand made it for my birthday a few years ago.
Jerrie Adkins
9. filkferengi
I get a lot, from authors at conventions, from bands, or from sponsoring anthologies. Every few months, I bundle up the bookmarks and stickers and donate them to a fannish charity auction. For daily book-marking purposes, I use library receipts.
Karen Haas
10. KarenH
I like book thongs best of all. The more bling, the better! In fact, I just bought 2 new ones from a seller on Amazon. She's in NC and makes them herself. Very nice lady. I don't dog ear my books. That's a sacrilidge IMO. I don't usually read more than one book at a time, so I don't really have need of tons of bookmarks. The freebi swag I get from authors, I give to the library located in my apartment building just in case someone needs one, it's always handy!
Jessie E
11. lizzie18
Probably a couple of hundreds.
Via Amazon, I sometimes order books from The Book Depository and they often send me very cute, varied and colorful little cardboard books marks with my order. They add up quickly.
Jessie E
12. Deborah D
I have unimagined numbers of bookmarks! I collect them and being a librarian, I have access to many. I have a basket full at home and half a drawer full at work. My favorite right now is one that says "Eat, Sleep, Read".
Jessie E
13. KW
If you're feeling super luxe, I give you Tom Dixon bookmarks: https://www.tomdixon.net/tool-the-bookworm-quill-tobm01b.html?___store=us

I own them. I love them. They're amazing.
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