Aug 2 2017 7:07am

How Have You Converted Your Friends into Romance Readers?

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It's a readers greatest joy when you can convert a non-reader into a bibliophile. It's an even greater accomplishment when you can convert a non-romance reader into a romance reader for life. But it can be tricky! You can see the signs—your friend, family member or co-worker always talks about their favorite ship on a TV show, they read the Outlander books because they love Jamie and Claire, and they see every romantic comedy that hits theaters. For some reason, though, they can't commit to be a romance reader. That's where we come in! 

How have you converted a friend into a romance reader? What were the steps you took? Did it convert them for life or only for personalized recommendations from you? Were you the one who was a hesitant romance reader? 

Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
I usually ask them questions about what they like to read and watch that isn't romance. I had a friend who loved K-Dramas and always loved vampire shows, so I recommended her Kresley Cole. She LOVED it and read quite a bit of the series, but sadly only accepts highly curated recommendations from me and sticks to exploring romance via fan fiction.
Jessie E
2. Jessie E
Yes! I gave one of my friends Julia Quinn's THE DUKE AND I, and she was a smart enough to see the light and became obsessed! She eventually became a romance expert at a bookstore in her hometown.
Elizabeth Poteet
3. ElizabethPoteet
YA. It's easy to go from a YA romance to something a little more adult.
5. Umayma
I succesfully converted my sister through the power that is Julie Garwood!
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