Aug 21 2017 8:07am

How Do You Recover from a Book Hangover?

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Cures for hangovers are a dime a dozen and everyone has an opinion for what works. However, for the book hangover—that feeling you have when the book you just read is so good that you don't know how to move on from it—there are fewer tried and true methods. How do you get over a book hangover? What's your method? Do you try to binge that author? Do you read something in the totally opposite genre? Do you re-read an old favorite? 

Tell us how you deal, and let us know how you get over a book hangover!

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Jessie E
1. Jessie E
If I can just remain perpetually drunk on that author via a binge read, that would be ideal. Otherwise, I use the method that is the only true cure of alcohol hangovers...time. If I can't read that author again immediately, I have to take a break (even if it's only for a day) from reading in general. And then I probably ease back in by reading an old favorite.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
My first go-to solution is also to binge read the same author's books. If that doesn't take care of the problem, I re-read simillar genre books from my keeper shelf. If that doesn't do it, I go to the total opposite genre and try reading something absolutely different.
3. Janga
My first solution is to reread a favorite series, one that has proved a cure through past experience. If my reading of the favorite series is haunted by the book that gave me the hangover, the only cure is the old hair-of-the- dog-that-bit-you trick. I reread the book I can't forget.
4. lauralee1912
To cure a book hangover, I'll read a book in another genre. I have thought a "hair of the dog" binge reading cure would work. Sometimes the other books in a series or by the same author aren't quite as satisfying or relatable as the book that temporarily took over my life. And sometimes I'll end up re-reading the book anyhow. Three Little Words by Susan Mallery, I'm talking about you.
Jessie E
5. Angela M
Ah so happy this is a post, I'm suffering from a big book hangover after finishing the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews.

Agreed with others, I re-read other books by the same author and other beloved series by different ones. I also like to go on social media / GoodReads and read other fans lament about the series or book ending. It helps knowing that I'm not alone in my hangover!
Jessie E
6. susanwilk59
I re-read favorite titles then if I really liked the book I read it again.
7. Sultanah
I HATE book hangovers. It's an absolute NIGHTMARE. I usually drown myself on GoodReads and try to read another book with a totally different storyline so I won't be comparing the two books constantly.
Jennifer Proffitt
8. JenniferProffitt
@Sultanah, I try to go in the opposite direction too! So, I just had a book hangover for Penny Reid's Beard in Mind so I'm reading a sweet contemporary by RaeAnne Thayne that has next to nothing in common with it!
Anna Bowling
9. AnnaBowling
In some cases, you don't. There's a certain pleasure in wallowing in the emptiness, and living in the memories of the book just finished. Sometimes, a book has such an impact that only time will cure the hangover, and nothing else will do. In time, another book will slip into that space, and the whole cycle can begin over again.

Apart from that, bingeing on the author's other works, or finding books that have a similar element to the hangover book - type of character, setting, or trope, for example. Trying something completely different also works. When I'm wallowing in the wake of a great historical, I usually reach for realistic YA.
10. bigedsgirl1
I will re-read the book that caused the hangover immediately and I usually discover some hidden gem I missed the first time. Some of my memorable back to back re-reads were For Your Love by Beverly Jenkins from her amazing Bring on the Blessings series; Kiss Me Like This by Bella Andre and Eye of the Beholder by Ruth Ann Nordin. If the book is the newest addition of a favorite series, I will usually end up re-reading the series from the beginning as was the case with For Your Love by Beverly Jenkins.
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