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First Look: HelenKay Dimon’s Dirty Deeds (August 8, 2017)

HelenKay Dimon
Dirty Deeds (Dirty #1)
Loveswept / August 8, 2017 / $4.99 digital

I loved Alec Drummond and Gaige Owens.​ Dirty Deeds is such an excellent book, and it's basically got everything. Super hot truly alpha men, espionage, sex, love, humor, action, gut wrenching emotion, sizzling chemistry, and the Doomsday Vault. No. Really. A lot of the book takes place at the Doomsday Vault, and it's a whole thing and it works. Both Alec and Gaige are nerdy hot—Gaige especially, and they're both so capable but flawed and perfect. I think Alec might be on the spectrum, but he's also had to deal with and overcome a lot of trauma to become the man he is. The same with Gaige, but in a different way, because he's (slightly more) average guy, than billionaire magnate Alec.

I didn't want to put Dirty Deeds down. It has some returning characters—well, Seth Lang, who has been running around wreaking havoc in the Tough Love series—and I'm so excited about the Dirty Series. Finn Drummond is Alec's youngest brother, and I already have said I want his story—but Griff, the brother who doesn't even get any face time seems intriguing too!

Dimon's writing is excellent, and draws you in. The men are so gruff and growly. Grouchy people haters falling in love, and threatening each other with guns. It's romantic suspense at its best. And holy cow did I mention the super hot sex scenes? Alec and Gaige are unabashed and unashamed in their enjoyment of sex. Too often I find it doesn't work in romantic suspense, because the characters are too busy running for their lives. However, the men in these books are so elite and competent, and the way they act and come together, it's exactly as it should be.

I found the blurb a little bit misleading because Gaige isn't exactly Alec's employee, although they are forced to work together. I'm starting to think Seth is actually the fairy god[father] matchmaker in the CIA, a role he'd both love and hate to own.

​Beyond the action and tech talk though are the feelings and relationship. Gaige and Alec are supposed to be purely sex with no emotional attachment, but they're both so attracted to each other from the start. Not just physically. They're in to the whole package, and are basically each other's catnip. Alec goes for the nerdy hot type. Gaige even likes Alec's arrogance. (Mostly.) While Alec is the billionaire and more often in control of the relationship, I felt Gaige was the one who steered things. He knew when to let go, when to push back, and when to protect himself. ​

​They're both so awkward and ​grumbly but then they say something like this and you melt:

“Three weeks from now it—this between us—will be something more than us living together.” Alec’s voice grew stronger with each word. “It will be something serious. Very serious. Like, that will be the time when I say I love you.”

Alec’s excitement was contagious. It bounced around the room and grabbed onto Gaige. “But not now.”

“That’s ridiculous. Now is too early. Three weeks from now makes more sense.”
Gaige fought off the smile that begged to come out. “I can see that argument.”

I definitely recommend​ Dirty Deeds and already can't wait for the next book!​ 


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