Aug 14 2017 3:30pm

I Pucking Love You: Romance News & Deals from Helena Hunting, Karen Marie Moning, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Pucked Under by Helena Hunting

Deal Alert: Helena Hunting's romantic comedy Pucked Under is $.99 at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | etc.* Randy and Lily's romance takes center stage in the fifth book of Hunting's Pucked series. Randy and Lily have been living together and are head-over-heels in love. But as the new season approaches, Randy's unsure about whether he can balance love and hockey, and about what to do when an unexpected houseguest arrives. 

Deal Alert: Karen Marie Moning's time-travel historical romance Beyond the Highland Mist is $1.99 at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Amazon | etc.* Faeries and Scottish lore abound in this romance as a 20th-century woman, Adrienne, is transported back to 16th-century Scotland. She doesn't trust beautiful men, especially Hawk, the legendary predator known throughout the Highlands as a fierce warrior. It doesn't matter to Hawk, however, because he's determined to win her heart and never let her go. 

Deal Alert: Sarina Bowen's contemporary romance Steadfast is $.99 at Kobo | iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* If you picked up the first book in the series, Bittersweet, when it was on sale recently, you'll also want to grab the second book in the True North series. Jude and Sophie fall into the “couples that shouldn't work, but do” category. Jude goes back to his hometown after a deadly car crash that changed his life forever and re-enters the life of Sophie, the woman he left broken hearted and whose brother's death was caused by his recklessness. People may not want to see Sophie and Jude back together, but love doesn't always cooperate. 

Deal Alert: Stacy Reid's historical romance Accidentally Compromising the Duke is $.99 at iBooks | Kobo | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* This romance is “a marriage of convenience between two lovely people who cannot seem to get on the same page. You’ll want to hug Adeline after you bop her on the forehead. You’ll want to choke Edmond because it’s clear that he’s smitten with his new wife.”

Fresh Outta the Oven

Romance novels by AI. A woman fascinated by romance novels designed a computer program to create titles based off 20,000 Harlequin romances. Take a look at some of the hilarious (and awkward) names! 

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