Aug 14 2017 7:00am

Have You Read Any One-Book Writers and Wished There Were More?

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Here's the scenario: you've fallen totally head-over-heels with a writer and it's the first book you've read by them, but then—tires screech—they've only ever written the one book. If you're lucky there might be two or three for you to devour. How do you react when you encounter an author you love who's only written one book? Were they just getting started and so haven't built up a backlist, or is it clear that they have written only one book? 

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Katy Cooper
1. katy.madellio
I just finished re-reading Valerie Fitzgerald's Zemindar, and once again wishing there had been another book about the Erskines of Hassanganj.
2. Benidorm-babe
Not sure about just the one, but I waited ages for Katherine Neville, after The Eight. I loved that book and enjoyed the others. I'm also waiting, impatiently!, for Susan Squires to finish her Merlin magic series
3. lauralee1912
Razing Kayne by Julieanne Reeves was the first romantic suspense novel I read after buying an e-reader. Reading e-books widened my choice of genres signicantly as I usually veered towards historical novels in the book store. I bought the Kindle book of Razing Kayne by chance and the story gripped me from the beginning. Sadly, Ms. Reeves passed away before the second book in her Walking A Thin Blue Line series was published. I feel we lost a rising star.
4. EC Spurlock
@lauralee, I had a similar experience when I inherited a holiday anthology from a friend and fell in love with one of the novellas therein. It was a wonderful story that had all my catnip and pushed all my buttons! I immediately went searching for the author's backlist, only to discover that she had passed away a few years before. She had written two or three novels but they were all out of print and impossible to find. It made me so sad to think that I would never read any more of her wonderful stories.
Elizabeth Halliday
5. Ibbitts
Yes. Harper Lee.
And then there was another.
And I was sorry.
6. Umayma
Yes yes yes yes YES!. In my case I have to say Violette Dubrisky's Moonlight Series fits the bill. She wrote a kickass book #1 and a bangin' book #2 and fast-forward FOUR years later, i'm STILL waiting for book #3 of the epic saga. Also, we can't forget Taylor V Donovan's By Degrees book #3, I think we need to develop handy mind reading powers ala Edward Cullen before we EVER get to know anything about the third book (NOT EVEN A BLURB PEOPLE!!!) COME ON! it's been four frickin' going on FIVE YEARS!!! Sheesh
7. Kahintenn
I don't remember any one book wonders, but I do have several writers who have been working on a new book for decades that I wish would finish and publish because I love their writing so much. Judy Cuevas (she originally wrote as Judith Ivory) has a unique and wonderful voice in historical romance, and Lisa Valdez, famous for Passion and Patience, which are somewhere between historical romance and historical erotica, has been working on the third book in the series, Primrose, for what feels like forever.
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