Aug 25 2017 7:06am

Have You Ever Forgotten You Pre-Ordered a Book?

When we get notice that a book by our favorite author is coming out, it's usually at least six months ahead of the release—if not more! That leaves a lot of time to forget if we pre-ordered it or not. On some sites, we now can know if we already ordered a book in a certain format, but forgetting that you pre-ordered something can still happen. And it can be a lovely surprise, too, when you wake up one morning to find a book you totally forgot about there on your e-reader or doorstep. 

Have you ever forgotten your pre-ordered a book? Have you ever gotten more than one copy because of that? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I forget all the time! I'm usually so happy about a new book by a favorite author that I pre-order all over the place. I don't get surprised by a new book in my e-reader though, cause I mark my calendar for publication dates.

I have been surprised by two copies from two different libraries checking out to me a the same time.
2. Benidorm-babe
Yes, with Tara Lain's Cowboys don't come out. Ordered from dreamspinner AND Amazon! Hope not to make that mistake again
3. CgJ
I do forget and arrive home with copies of books already in the bookshelves. . BN do take them back with the receipt, but the best is Amazon tells me that I already order or pre-order this book. Another great feature is that if you are ordering a whole series, you can filter and eliminate the on you own.
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