Aug 11 2017 8:08am

Has a Book Ever Hit Too Close to Home?

Trade Me by Courtney Milan

Many of us read for escapism. When a romance hits too close to home, though, it can mess with our heads—but make us love a book even more! 

Have you read a book and it felt like it hit a little too close to home? Did it make you love the book more, or have to return to it later when things felt a little more distant? 

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Jennifer Proffitt
1. JenniferProffitt
For me, with Trade Me, I couldn't relate to a lot going on in the hero and heroine's life however the one thing that came REALLY close to home for me was the heroine's financial struggles. I have definitely been there where I am "worth a single digit" as she puts it and that desperation she felt to take care of herself—and the added complication of taking care of her family—was very close to home for me!

I think the other one I've felt that with is Jay Crownover's Nash, who was going through some of the very same struggles I was at the exact time I was reading that book!
2. NJ
I couldn't read Trade Me because of the eating disorder plotline. That's still too fresh for me to engage with it in fiction, even if I'm sure it'll be handled well in the story. I'm honestly not sure I'll ever get to the point where that's something I can read about.
Jennifer Proffitt
3. JenniferProffitt
@NJ, I'm glad you knew about it ahead of time! It was something I figured out by the end for the most part but it still surprised me!
Jessica Avery
4. RomancingtheBookworm
It was Sarah MacLean's The Rogue Not Taken that did it for me - The whole plot about wanting so desperately to go "home", because you don't feel you belong anywhere else, only to find that you've out grown "home" as well. I cried BUCKETS, which is guaranteed to make me love a book to pieces.
I dont remember the exact book but the character in it ended up in a coma, and the author described how they were aware of what was being said around them but couldn't commincate it.
This really resonated with me because a couple of years ago I got really sick, and then deveoped really bad pneumonia on top of it. I was put in a medically induced coma for about 12 days and I can remember hearing my family talking to/or about me, the nurses getting upset when they had to change me again after just doing so and many other things. To make the experience worse, I was hallucinating horribly from the morphine, taking what was being said and sometimes creating horrible scenarios. For example, my mom told me that she had shaved our dog, and my morphine addled brain turned it into him being hit by a car and having his jaw ripped off.
The book character's frustration and anxiety was exactly how I felt in the same situation, but it also made me really struggle to finish the book because it brought back those feelings again.
6. Shawn S
Kristen Ashley's Walk Through Fire. I still can't read certain parts of it. I both love it and hate it because it hits so close to home for me.
7. SpiritedMuse
Can I just say that just about all the books from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series has hit some kind of clsoe to home. But even more so was Acheron's book. I may not have experienced all the physical and sexual abuse that he went through. But I could totally relate to the various levels of betrayal and losses of trust, unreasonable judgments in/from family members, friends, etc. At one point or another in my life over the years.

I mean people that I had given my trust, caring and loving to. And they stabbed me in the back time and again. And for such a long time it forced me to live a rather jaded life and shut myself off from so much beauty that is life and being able to move forward and let go. I'm learning to get that back now though. Slowly but surely.

But I more than anything love and appreciate SK so much for writing those books. Cause it seemed like before now. So many romances I had read and before the influx of storeis about eating disorders and other such stuff came out. There were never really any stories about the emotional abuse that someone can take and how much betrayal that they could go through. As the other stories were always the boy meets girl. And at most there was slim obstacles in their path to them getting together. But nothing really deep down that I could relate to until I read SK's books. It's like she really gets it and it's why she is one of my most favorite authors of all times.
8. silence
lilith saintcrows steelflower and the whole once communications stops both sides feeling ignored and the other should talk first.
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