Aug 11 2017 2:00pm

“What I love is browsing and coming across unexpected treasures”: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

rubymydear loves the library experience

rubymydear in When Was the Last Time You Went to a Library?

I went yesterday! And our librarians know us and are great and the collection is housed in a wonderful old building. What I love is browsing and coming across unexpected treasures—books I read a long time ago and remember enjoying, or new, exciting titles. It's a different experience from going online to find something specific.

Rachel K Bussel is excited to see new releases

Rachel K Bussel in When Was the Last Time You Went to a Library?

I just went last night! I try to go weekly. My only problem is that I check out too many titles and then don't have time to read them but they are so quick, they get in the ones I've requested frequently. I was very happy to see lots of Alice Clayton books right up front recently. I love getting a brand new release from my library, especially knowing that that probably means other people are as excited about the book as I am.

Myrendal is curious to see how it’ll play out

Myrendal in The Romance Reader’s Guide to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

As a King fan, and most especially a “Dark Tower” fan, I'm always pleased when someone reads the books for the first time. Not knowing how far you've gotten in the series, I'll just tell you to have a large box of tissues at hand. As far as the movie goes, I'm not planning on seeing it until it comes out on dvd/bluray, and possibly not even then. I feel there is no way to squeeze this epic tale of love, friendship, loss, and redemption of 7 books (8 if you count “The Wind Through The Keyhole”) into a 90 minute movie.

I'm hoping you'll let us know what you think of the story once you're done, as well as what you thought of the movie.

Sultanah is old-school at heart

Sultanah in Is Love Better in the Past, Present... or Future?

I'm a 100% vintage girl. The first romance novel I ever read was The Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley and I remember having 3 copies of the book in case anything happened to the original copy. From there on out, the rest as they say was history! The more vintage and far back a book goes (e.g Medieval) the better.

I just think that Modern Romances lack that bit of magic that makes you believe in true love and happy ever afters. Historicals always have that touch of flair coupled with grandiose gestures that make you sigh and aww. I can read any crappy Historical novel without much qualm but I cannot get past page 10 of a meidocre Contemporary romance. Give me Dashing Dukes, Rakehell Rogues and Chivalrious Knights all day, everyday.


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