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8 Indie Romances You Should Be Reading in August 2017

August is here, and the end of summer is looming, which always makes me a little depressed. Luckily, there is an abundance of amazing indie romances this month to keep my spirits up and to hold reality at bay. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted friends-to-lovers story or are in the mood for a darker, sexier page-turner, these eight books will ensure you end the summer of 2017 with a bang.

Fractured Love by Ella James

Fractured Love by Ella James


Fractured Love wrecked me in the very best way possible, and I could not put this emotional and riveting romance down. James weaves a tale of passion, heartbreak and redemption that is both downright sexy and breathtakingly romantic. Landon and Evie become foster siblings as teenagers when her altruistic parents take him into their home. He and Evie have an intense attraction and instant connection that quickly develops into strong feelings and all-consuming desire, and they cannot resist each other. They fall desperately in love but are ripped apart when Evie’s parents discover their relationship, and both are heartbroken and devastated. They are forced to move on without each other and do not meet again until they are the same neurosurgeon residency program ten years later. Their love has not faded, but much has happened in their years apart, and their happy-ever-after is not guaranteed. It’s obvious they share a deep and abiding love, and readers will feel absolutely everything in this mesmerizing tale of fate, second chances, and true love. Fractured Love is absolutely captivating and unforgettable.

Alex in Wonderland by Max Monroe

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Max Monroe takes a slight detour from their hilarious and ballsy romantic comedies with Alex in Wonderland and spins a darker, sexier and unapologetically dirty love story. This is a “twisted fairytale”, and the experience is deliciously enthralling. Matt Hadder is a ruthless businessman who owns Wonderland, Inc. and helps the rich and famous launder money and, well, other things. He’s a puppet master who rules over a large domain, and he’s instantly smitten when he meets the feisty Alex Little. She’s 15 yours younger than him but determined and strong, and he wants her in his bed. He and Alex have a hypnotic chemistry as he introduces her to his mad, mad world of corruption and danger, and his subtle and steady pursuit is thrilling and stomach-tingling. He challenges her at every turn to determine if she can fit into the darkness of his life, and their fall into love is epic. Alex in Wonderland is fast-paced, drop-dead sexy, unique and downright addictive, and readers will be left craving Max Monroe’s next dark tale.

So Good by Nicola Rendell

So Good by Nicola Rendell

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 Nicola Rendell’s So Good is the quintessential feel-good, friends-to-lovers romance. It is a charming and passionate love story that will warm your heart and leave a smile on your face. Max Doyle and Rosie Madden have been best friends since they were teenagers, but their relationship changes dramatically when Max accidentally sees her getting undressed. He’s jolted out of his friendship trance and realizes he’s always been attracted to Rosie. She is stunned when he wants to leave the friend zone, and she desires to give a romance between them a chance. While they both cherish their friendship and would never want to irreversibly harm it, they do not spend an excessive amount of page time overanalyzing whether or not this is a good idea (Yay!) but rather jump in feet first. Max is swoon-worthy in his steadfast adoration and in his determined and sigh-worthy wooing. He’s masculine, sexy and also sensitive, showing his softer side when he rescues a small dog he names Cupcake. Both Cupcake and Rosie’s cat Julia are delightful and hilarious additions to this engaging story, and So Good is a special experience that should not be missed.

The Soul Mate by Kendall Ryan

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The Soul Mate is Kendall Ryan’s fourth, stand-alone book in her Roommates series and it is Kendall Ryan through and through – a heartfelt love story with steamy sex and punches of laugh-out-loud humor. Dr. Mason Bentley and Ashley Matthews have a mind-blowing night together, but she vanishes in the morning without leaving a trace. He wants more than one night—it was the best sex of his life—and would like to get to know her, but he can’t find her. Ashley doesn’t want to be found, because she doesn’t believe in love and soul mates, and she knows a guy like Mason might tempt her to reconsider. Fate plays its hand, and they meet again in the most unimaginable of places —his OB-GYN office when she comes in to find out if she is pregnant with his baby. This is Mason’s opportunity to explore something with her, and he convinces her to delay finding out the results of the pregnancy test, so they can attempt a relationship without the pressure of a baby. She agrees, and Mason puts on the charm. He’s adorable, endearing, sexy, smart and all-around fantastic, and readers will fall in love with him and revel in his and Ashely’s combustible chemistry and passionate connection. The Soul Mate is a fun and refreshing romantic comedy with all the feels.

I Do(n’t) by Leddy Harper

I Do(n’t) by Leddy Harper

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Leddy Harper’s I Do(n’t) is a sweet and flirty friends-to-lovers romance with spicy sex and hilarious moments. Janelle Brewer was infatuated with her brother’s best friend, Holden York, for years when her fantasies come true and they spend a night together in Las Vegas. Well, she thinks they came true, but she can’t remember any of it, which causes a permanent rift between her and Holden and leaves their relationship strained just as she leaves for college. Five years later, she’s forced to revisit that night when she learns that she and Holden actually got married in Vegas, and he refuses to give her divorce, unless she lives with him for six months. Janelle is cranky about the situation, because she doesn’t understand his intentions and still has feelings for Holden. He and Janelle trade snarky banter and have explosive chemistry, and Ms. Harper deftly builds the sexual tension in tangent with their developing connection. Holden and Janelle are endearing as they push and pull, fight and love trying to determine what they want, and readers will thoroughly enjoy this sexy and entertaining romance.

Royally Endowed by Emma Chase

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Get out your fans, because Emma Chase’s Royally Endowed is hot, hot, hot. The third book in her enthralling Royally series features a brooding bodyguard, who falls head over heels in love with the woman he’s sworn to protect. Logan and Ellie have instant chemistry when they meet, but she is young and a relationship is out of the question. Ms. Chase meticulously develops their bond while building the sexual tension, and readers will be breathless in anticipation waiting for them to get together. The serious and emotionally wounded Logan is captivated by the optimistic, easygoing and effervescent Ellie, but he doesn’t believe he is good enough for her. She’s not deterred as she’s been in love with him for years and slowly convinces him just how perfect he is for her, and their romance feels like a real fairy tale. Who needs Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner when we have Logan and Ellie? Royally Endowed is the ultimate, sexy bodyguard romance with Emma Chase’s dynamic writing that flawlessly blends humor, love, and fun.

Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

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Drunk Dialstole my heart. Penelope Ward has written a passionate and unique story that seamlessly delves into relevant, emotional issues, and the reader will be riveted reading this epic romance. Rana Saloomi and Landon Roderick were friends and neighbors as teenagers but lost touch until Rana drunk dials him thirteen years later. What begins as a whim, quickly leads to intimate daily conversations as they reconnect, and there’s a sweetness to the evolution of their newly re-established relationship as both get to know each other again. They feel intensely drawn to each other, and their feelings escalate with each call, but a lot of life has happened over the years. and they must learn to trust each other in order to drop their defenses and share their histories and their wounds. Raw emotion oozes off every page in Drunk Dial, and the reader will feel everything.

Hollywood Scandal by Louise Bay


Louise Bay dials up in the heat in Hollywood Scandal. This romance is smoking hot with punches of lovely romance and feel-good fun. Lana Kelly is perfectly content to live in her small town on the coast of Maine where she grew up, and she has no desire for the limelight or big city life She has a vacation rental property next door to her home, and when she meets her new tenant, Matt Easton, a spark ignites. He is a famous, A-list, uber-sexy actor, but Lana has no idea who he is, and he doesn’t tell her. He adores her cluelessness and is utterly charmed by her, and they share flirty banter as the sexual tension builds with every delicious exchange, until neither can resist falling into each other’s arms. These two have crazy chemistry and a dynamic relationship, and readers will fall in love with this small-town girl and big city movie star as they plunge into heady, all-consuming love. Hollywood Scandal is hands down one of the best books by the exceptionally talented Louise Bay.   

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