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1001 Dark Nights Too Many? Try These 7!

Z by Larissa Ione

1001 7 Dark Nights

Each of the novellas from the 1001 Dark Nights series starts with the story of Scheherazade, and I must tell you, I felt a little bit like the King while reading them. As soon as I finished one, I immediately downloaded the next on my list. All of the novellas are stories from authors’ already established series. This was great news! But also not so much. I’m one of those readers who breaks out in hives if I don’t read a series in order…but I soldiered on!

I also figured this would be a good time to try some new-to-me authors so I chose a mix of favorites and authors I haven’t read yet. I spent a week with Scheherzade. One story each night while curled up on the couch. Oh, okay, I may have snuck in some reading while chained to my desk at the day job, but I couldn’t resist!

Here’s my 1001 Dark Nights reading journal.

Night One:

Z by Larissa Ione (also in the Demonica series)

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OMG—I can’t wait to get back into the world of Demonica. I’ve been gone too long! Zhubaal? I can’t imagine screaming that name in ecstasy, but—-oh, nickname, yay! Z is a fallen angel who’s been pining away for her lost love, Laura, for like one thousand years or something. Not that many, really, drop a zero. Laura was perfect. Laura was his soulmate. I guess we’re gonna find Laura, huh? Laura died, but Z knows she was reborn into a new body. Okay, so we know where this is going, right? Enter Vex. Soul wrangler. Bad ass extraordinaire with short, spiky black hair with purple tips. She has to be Laura, right? Total opposite. She and Z have an unexplained connection. They both know what it is and when Z’s boss, THE Grim Reaper, offers to try and get the souls out of Vex (he’s the only one who can these days), Z is ready to find Laura again. These two crack me up together! Man is Z stubborn – that’s gonna get him into trouble, for sure. Kinda digging the bromance between Z and Azagoth, too! Oh, Z, you’re an idiot! Better get ready for groveling! WE HAVE GROVELING.

Cliff notes: great story, fun banter, everything I want from a Larissa Ione book.

Night Two:

Stroke of Midnight by Lara Adrian (part of the Midnight Breed)

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Adds to mental note from night one: don’t fall behind on Midnight Breed series again either. Good lord, has Adrian been spying on my daytime fantasies? Our hero is a reluctant desert prince? An arranged marriage between two families normally at odds with each other. Exotic location. Always so much pressure being the eldest son in an important family! And eldest daughter come to think of it. Jehan will obviously go through with the tradition and then pass it off to the next in line so he can go back to being a warrior. Except, this is a love story, so that week in the sex-highly-encouraged oasis will do its thing to Jehan and Seraphina. The truce to get through the week and then go their separate ways will last less than 3 days is my guess. Ahhh, I’d forgotten how skilled Adrian is at building sexual tension. Good god almighty just do it already! Oooh, they’re sneaking out of the compound on a noble mission. (Insert trumpet charge sound here.) Ugh, always so awkward when one of my kids comes around while I’m reading a sex scene. These two make me swoon. Not the first time a Midnight Breed couple has become a favorite and probably not the last. Hmm, things are going too well for these two. Something has to go wrong soon. Aha! The big misunderstanding! Let’s hope this doesn’t last long, I’m ready for some hot & heavy makeup sex with these two. Plus, you know, they’re perfect for each other.

Cliff notes: perfect amount of plot and romance in a novella, amazing sexual chemistry, and tension which lead to some swoon-worthy moments.

Night Three:

Arranged by Lexi Blake

Arranged by Lexi Blake (in the Masters & Mercenaries series)

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Royalty? Arranged marriage? Yes, please! Oooh, and it’s star-crossed lovers! You can kiss your playboy status goodbye, Kash! Oh boy, he’s kind of a jerk, isn’t he? Prediction: grovel scene ahead. Dayita (Day) is a bad ass. She’s strong and smart. With a heart. I kind of love her. She schools Kash in several ways each time he messes up – and boy does he mess up a lot. There’s some palace intrigue and a scheming ex-girlfriend to round out the fun. A whole host of characters that I couldn’t keep track of made appearances from previous books.

Cliff notes: if you like your hero to make a lot of missteps but come back to the right path because of love, this story is for you. I found cameos by previous book couples to be very confusing as a newcomer to the series.

Night Four:

Wicked Dirty by Shayla Black (part of the Wicked Lovers series)

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Right into the action with a hardcore opening and a hero just out of prison and on a revenge mission. That’s like catnip to me! Heroine shows up on his doorstep in need of help. He’s hot for her—BUT WAIT. He’s his BFF’s widow? Oh man. Give me more! Oh, okay, there’s lots more! Nick agrees to help Sasha in exchange for sex. She thinks he’s a rapist. Yikes. He’s been framed, but still, gives off a scary vibe. Nick admits he would have tried to seduce Sasha even when her husband was alive. This should bother me…yet it doesn’t. Great chemistry between these two! Good suspense plot to keep this story moving.

Cliff notes: Fun, sexy, suspenseful story. I never felt pulled out because I wasn’t versed in the Wicked Lovers world.

Night Five:

The Flame by Christopher Rice (also in the Desire Exchange series)

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I feel like I’m slathered in cocoa butter this writing is so lush. Oh, and set in one of my favorite places—New Orleans. I swear I can smell these strange hypnotic candles! These are the only notes I took on this story because I was so engrossed in the writing. It swept me right into the steamy streets of the French Quarter and a strange candle shop that puts our trio on a sensual journey that doesn’t seek to limit what love should look or feel like.

Cliff notes: Paranormal erotica with an m/f/m romance from someone new to the genre but who handles it like a seasoned veteran. Very seductive—the story and the writing. Will definitely read this author again.

Night Six:

Shade’s Lady by Joanna Wylde

Shade’s Lady by Joanna Wylde (part of the Reapers MC series)

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It’s been awhile since I picked up a motorcycle club romance and I’m a few behind in this series, but apparently, it doesn’t matter. From the get go I’m all in with Shade and Mandy. Shade is the kind of MC hero I like—bad ass and a little dangerous but not someone you don’t feel safe with. He’s protective with a capital P and Mandy is the perfect match for him. Lots of laughs in between hot sex scenes and some truly heartwarming moments.

Cliff notes: This is the longest running one-night stand ever, but it will leave you breathless and fulfilled in more ways than one. I have to get back on track with this series!

Night Seven:

Rock Chick Reawakening by Kristen Ashley (also in the Rock Chick series)

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

Kristen Ashley (KA to her rabid fans) has a formula and has it down pat. For me, KA embodies the term “cracktastic” when it comes to romance. The cheese is piled high, but I scarf down every bit of it. Daisy is the stripper with a heart of gold who doesn’t need a hero but gets one anyway. Marcus is the white knight with deep pockets. Insta-love? Don’t care. I loved every minute of this story.

Cliff notes: True to form KA that makes you remember why you loved her in the first place.

Overall I really enjoyed these novellas even when I wasn’t fully versed in the series they’re set in. It's a great way to discover new writers. 

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So excited to see Joanna Wylde's Shade's Lady on your list. And yes, that is some one night stand. Where did you end up pausing in this series?
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@Mo I only made it halfway through before I went on a run of historical romance. Need to re-visit this series!
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