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What’s the Longest Binge-Reading Streak You’ve Been On?

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Have you ever decided: Today's the day I'm going to finally read X series and then... you did! Only, you didn't just read the first few and then take a break, but read all nineteen books in the series in a row? How about an author's entire backlist? We can definitely relate.

There are definitely times and circumstances where you want to just binge on a series, author, or trope, but what's been your longest running streak for a particular theme of reading? What kickstarted the desire to read? What made you stop? Or do you rarely binge-read an author or series, but instead savor it like a fine wine? 

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1. MelM
I have a personal rule to never read more than three books by an author back-to-back. I usually stop at two and read a few different books before going back. This is because I find that I start noticing the author's little writing habits if I'm overexposed. Like say all their heroines play with their hair when they're nervous or that every one of their heros drinks the same brand of whiskey. And once I notice I can never not notice and it pulls me out of the book. If I mix up my reading a bit it gives my brain some plausible deniability.
2. Meags
Interesting! I do tend to binge but I have to balance my reading load between review copies with release dates, book club choices, and just what's available from the library. I like to reward myself with the "next book" by an author I love once I've finished a review book and written the review.
3. lauralee1912
Like MelM, I don't read more than two or three books by an author back-to-back. I get annoyed if continuity in the series is missed or word combinations are used over and over again by the author.

My last reading binge was contemporary westerns by various authors over several months last year. I read a few historical romances in between, but otherwise it was cowboys, cowboys, cowboys.
Manda Collins
4. mandacollins
Several years ago I glommed every one of Mariah Stewart's romantic suspense backlist. There was something very comforting to me about those books and I look back on that glom fondly. One thing I realized is that in every book--I didn't document it, but I'm pretty sure I'm right--Stewart mentions cut off jean shorts. If the character isn't wearing them they're thinking about wearing them, or thinking about someone else wearing them. Takeaway? Mariah Stewart is a fan of cutoffs.
5. Kareni
I was fortunate to come across Lisa Kleypas at a time when she already had about twenty historical romances in her backlist. I read them all in short order. Curiously, I avoided her contemporary Sugar Daddy trio for quite some time only to enjoy those books, too. I've been reading Mary Balogh's backlist as I encounter each book (often in thrift stores) -- since she has some sixty plus books, it's taking quite some time!
6. Laura001
I will admit that I am a binge reader. If I find a series that I like I will read the whole series start to finish and preorder any future releases. If I really like an author I will track down everything they have ever published and read it too, including website short stories and freebies. I think the longest binge read of any series I have read was the Argeneau Vampire series by Lynsay Sands because it was already 19 books long when I discovered it. Coming in a close second was the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon because not only was it a long series on its own but i discovered that it was also intertwined with the Dream Hunter series and the Chronicles of Nick.
7. Amylynn
I will read Darynda Jones Charlie Davidson series when I am in need of a good laugh or am in between a series. You so can't go wrong with Charlie! However, right now I'm reading Shayne Silvers, Nate Temple series before I have to give them back?
8. SueS
I read the Outlander series back to back (currently at 8 books) plus all the short stories. Doesn't sound like a lot until you realize that's about 8300 pages. I really like to binge read series when they are complete, though, and do them start to finish (avoiding the peasky cliffhangers).
9. Althea Claire Duffy
I glommed all of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series up to Diplomatic Immunity (latest in the series at the time). I also read almost everything Courtney Milan ever wrote in a row - the Carhart, Turner, and Brothers Sinister series, plus the beginnings of the Worth and Cyclone series.
Jennifer Proffitt
10. JenniferProffitt
I think around 2 or 3 is my typical average but I mentaly tap out after 5 in a row? I think that's been my max!
11. kahintenn
I read Mary Balogh's Slightly Married and it was like a gateway drug. I can proudly say I have read every novel she has written, and I did that by borrowing from the regular and e-libraries and then buying used paperbacks online (some cost a pretty penny but so worth it)! I love her writing, and nobody does real angst better. She is an auto buy and my only complaint is that she can't write fast enough for me! The Notorious Rake is my comfort read.
12. felicitysquill
I've been on a binge for a while now. Probably since February or March? My Overdrive account has been seeing a LOT of action these days. Having digital books definitely makes it easier and since I'm just borrowing them from the library, I don't have to worry about cost.
13. Stacey1962
I am a terrible binge reader ! If I discover a series I like , I will read it from begining to end. I am just like Luara001's comment says ...if I like the author I track them down and read everything they ever wrote . Its hard for me to get into a book or series but once I do I am hooked. Needless to say I never get much done other then work when I am binge reading , just ask my grown children LOL
Jerrie Adkins
14. filkferengi
I got into the Liaden series one year, while my spouse was at spring training in Arizona. He called, boasting, "I've been to 7 games." My reply, "I've read 7 Liaden books." My definition of an "acid test author" is if you can read 10 or more books by them in a two week period without burning out.
15. Janga
I'm a binge reader from way back. Even as a child, if I read one book I loved, I immediately searched for other books by the author. Thirty-one years ago this summer, I read my first Nora Roberts book--All the Possibilities--and then haunted area used book stores looking for her backlist, which even in August 1985 included twenty-nine titles. Most of my binges these days encompass fewer books. The longest are rereads. I have reread most of Jo Beverley's books over the past year. I do agree with others that binge reading makes one more aware of authors' writing tics. The cutoffs Manda mentioned are not limited to Mariah Stewart's romantic suspense titles, and Mary Balogh frequently mentions characters' teeth. And Grace Burrowes heroes almost always "wing" their arms.
16. Kareni
Manda and Janga, I know what you mean. Jo Goodman uses the word 'sipping' frequently, and Lauren Dane uses the word 'gate'.
17. lizzie18
I tried J.D. Robb's first two 'In Death' book in 2015 and I was hooked. Bought all of them and read them almost back to back. I say 'almost' because, like MelM said, if you read too many at a time, mistakes start getting noticable (J.D. Robb can get pretty bad with her timelines). Echoes in Death is coming out in paperback in a few days and I can't wait. Dianne Duvall same thing, read the first one last year and immediately ordered the rest of the series and read them all in 'almost' one shot. And finally, no. 7 is coming out soon.

I dislike waiting for a book when a series is too interwoven. So I usually wait until 3 books are out and then read them in one shot. (Have started Kerrelyn Sparks' new Embraced series yet, nor Amanda Bouchet's triology, etc.). A lot of series are triologies so it works out for me. For longer series, it's of course different. After the first 3 books, then I continue with the rest as soon as they come out, so no binge reading there.

I also enjoy binge re-reading old favorites, does that count? If so, going back to J.D. Robb, well I've read the first 43 books, and all 10 novellas, 3 times since 2015. Shelly Laurentson, I regularly read my 4 to 6 favorite books in the Pride seried back to back, like one very long big book. Lynsay Sands' Argeneau series, I also read my 6-7 favorites back to back. And I have quite a few triologies from favorite authors that I enjoy re-reading.
18. Elfit
I usually will read books back to back if I REALLY like the series/author and if their stuff is already available. Especially if they are on my keep shelf (yay for rereading in one go!). I usually do not binge romances because, series wise, they usually hop charaters and for a while that was not my thing. That being said I have read multiple Jill Shalvis' novels in a row (but not in order, or from the same series).

I remember in high school when a friend introduced me to Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series, she would bring me the next book everyday because I would gobble those up. I think I read the first 10 because that was what was available.

Similarly, back in....October last year I began reading a book on my TBR pile that had sat there for years and ended up reading and collecting the next 9 books in the series. I even took the next 3 books with me on a trip (to Middle-Earth NZ!!!) but never picked them up (which is a shocker to my friends and relatives but come on! It was NZ).
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