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First Look: Lucy Farago’s A Necessary Lie (July 24, 2017)

A Necessary Lie by Lucy Farago

Lucy Farago
A Necessary Lie (Search and Recover)
Lyrical Press / July 25, 2017 / $15.00 print, $3.99 digital

Lucy Farago is my go-to for romanctic suspense. Why? Because the story is excellent and the writing isn’t too shabby either.  It’s almost like the reader is drawn into the story line and oh yeah, there’s romance to boot. The romance is a pleasant surprise and it encapsulates what I love about reading. I love getting lost in a well-written story and I love a well-written romance where the reader grows with the characters. By the time the characters are ready to be in love, the reader is right there with the characters and ready for the romance.

This is what I love about a Lucy Farago novel. We know who the love characters will be but getting lost in them is part of the fun. The novel doesn’t start off as a romance but the chemistry and all the ingredients of a romance novel are there.

Enter A Necessary Lie. We know that Cowboy is the main hero and Grace is the heroine. And we know they have a connection. Obviously. Jessie is missing and she is Grace’s friend. Jessie and Cowboy have a history as lovers when they were much younger. And now Cowboy must watch over Grace as she finds Jessie. Phew. Yes Relationships are messy:

“Relationships are messy and time consuming, and not worth the effort. If I want to scratch an itch, I find someone I like, someone who respects me and I sleep with him. Itch scratched, life uncomplicated.  What was the answer you were looking for?”

“You sound like a man.”

Indeed he does sound like a man. What is delicious is how Grace gets under Cowboy’s skin and breaks all the rules.

Cowboy knows better than to get involved with Grace but there is a connection he cannot deny.

He’d gone to sleep thinking what a dumbass move it had been to kiss her. He’d thought it a simple gesture. He hadn’t stuck his tongue down her throat. So why had it made him want more?  And she went and kissed him back.

But you can’t stop attraction, no matter how bad it might seem.

That was definitely her hand on his ass, her fingers digging into his jeans. Well, if she’d taken the gloves, so to speak, we would too. He cupped her ass and scooped her closer, pressed her into his body.

It seems Cowboy can’t leave Grace alone and we don’t want him to, either. Lucy Farago can’t seem to write anything wrong. I’m curious about solving the mystery and I’m also invested in Cowboy and Grace getting together. However, how will Cowboy reconcile the deception in his past? And will Grace forgive him once the deception is out in the open? Also, where did her friend and colleague, Jessie, end up? All good questions you’ll have to read to find the answers.


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