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First Look: Kylie Scott’s Trust (July 18, 2017)

Trust by Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott
Kylie Scott / July 18, 2017 / $4.99 digital 

There are a few books where I would be okay with the relationship between the hero and heroine being platonic because the friendship and foundation has been so strongly written that the relationship is as satisfying as two individuals coming together in a romantic relationship. Kylie Scott’s Trust is one of those books. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s since the publication of her zombie-menage Flesh. Trust is Scott’s first foray into the self-publishing world and hopefully not her last.

Trust brings us the story of plus-size heroine, Edie, a young woman who’s future at her current school was defined by the fateful night she became the hostage of a gunman. John is a peer her age that, through his brother’s reputation as a dealer, knew the gunman and was able to talk him down before attacking the gunman and rescuing Edie. Fastfoward from that night and you have John trying to put his life in order away from his brother’s sordid reputation and Edie finding herself starting over at the public high school.

The title of the novel is extremely apt, from the get go, Edie has to figure out who she’ll let into her life after such a life-defining event. Her best friend from her private school, goes on public television speculating what Edie’s life has been like while Edie’s been living a semi-personal nightmare. I don’t blame Edie for bailing on her private school or wanting to start over. It’s also important from the hero’s standpoint, John, that he be perceived in as low-key a fashion as possible  so that he doesn’t get into trouble. At the couple’s initial contact, John was almost dragged away on suspicions of possession  when Edie vouched for him as the one who saved her life.

Logically, the two shouldn’t be near each other if they don’t want to attract more attention. The book’s backcover copy makes it sound like Edie’s becoming a wild child while John’s entering the straight and narrow, but this book is so much more than that. Edie is taking chances and expanding beyond a tiny sphere of what she’s known in her teenage experiences. For example, where she used to just spend weekends with her best friend from private school, her public school friend, Hang, her connection with John and the sense of how fleeting things really are prompt her to push outside of her boundaries such as exploring the teen party scene or getting in touch with her sexuality. John is not a rebel-without-a-cause but a teen who has seen the tougher side of life early on and now wants to break from the dangerous reputation that he is associated with via his brother as well has John’s own prior actions.

Scott does an amazing job of setting up the couple’s friendship, it’s a real, organic relationship fraught with tension, attraction, understanding and misunderstanding on both sides. There is no hate-to-love or easy best friends-to-lovers trope at play here. Instead, the type of relationship Scott captures is one that is very rare in the messiness of its emotions and transitions that can only be defined by adolescent behavior and the teenage experience. When Edie and John decide to have sex and establish that things will remain the same no matter what, you as a reader know things won’t remained unchanged. But, there’s a beautiful clumsiness to the way John and Edie stumble into a relationship. It’s a bit stilted on John’s part and Edie’s fresh honesty about her feelings is something that Scott captures that is essential to the young adult genre.

A departure from her series work—the rockstar-centered Stage Dive and cocktail lovers' dream Dive Bar—Scott’s standalone work shows her versatility as a writer and strength in creating a strong story that will please diehard Scott fans and teen readers new to Scott’s work. I am eager to see more from Scott’s self-publishing ventures and Trust stands as a breakout work not only in it’s genre but in it’s portrayal of romance—truly a 2017 must-read. 


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