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First Look: Ilona Andrews’ Wildfire (July 25, 2017)

Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews
Wildfire (Hidden Legacy #3)
Avon / July 25, 2017 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital

Wildfire picks up the mantel effortlessly from White Hot and moves forward with purpose, smoothly setting up the main conflict while preparing the multiple subplots for resolution. We left White Hot with Nevada and Rogan disappearing for a much needed holiday, just the two of them. Upon their return, Nevada is forced back to reality when she walks into her house to discover Rogan’s ex-fiancée, and the daughter of the woman Nevada killed, sitting at her kitchen table wanting her help.

I had just been hugged by a giant, super intelligent, pacifist bear. I could do this. I could do anything.

Rynda Sherwood’s husband Brian has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. She has been turned down by every investigative agency in the area due to her mother’s crimes and The Baylor Agency is her last hope. Nevada isn't thrilled to be helping Rynda and jealousy rears its head a little, but one thing the Baylors never do is run, hide, or turn down money.

The Baylor Agency had only three rules, and the last was the most important. At the end of the day, we had to be able to look our reflection in the eye.

As Nevada begins to investigate Brian Sherwood’s disappearance, she learns her paternal grandmother, Victoria Tremaine, a woman whose own gifts make Nevada’s look like a Cracker Jack prize, is in town and hunting for the Baylors. She is the last of her house and needs an heir. The only way the Baylor family can survive her is for them to declare themselves a Prime house and test for admittance. But that will mean exposing secrets that could harm them all.

“I told you twenty-six years ago that if you married him, you’d pay the price. I told you to let him go. You didn’t listen. You raised them to fight. They’re not going to cut and run now.”

“They will do what I say,”  mom grounded out. “I’m their mother.”

Grandma Frida squinted at her. “Aha. And how did that work out for me?”

Once again Ilona Andrews bring their formidable writing skills to the table and deliver outstanding results as they take readers on a wild ride to the finish line in the third and maybe final book in their epic magical adventure trilogy series-Hidden Legacy. Set in an alternative version of Earth, the Andrews’ use of bold characterization, fantastical world building, and sharply honed wit draws you in and enthralls you from the get go. For me, the lack of ostentatiousness in their writing is a large part of the appeal. Even with the strong fantasy enhanced elements, you are never made to feel overwhelmed while reading. And as someone who has read some fantasy that required a spreadsheet in order to understand the basic premise, I can certainly appreciate the skills displayed in here.

A common theme in every Ilona Andrews' story (besides strong female leads) is family. Bound by blood or friendship, family is always the most powerful motivator behind most of the battles fought. And as always, love is the main power that fuels the heroes and heroines. This trilogy is no exception. The Baylors are a strong and intelligent family of warriors who will do anything and sacrifice everything to keep each other safe. This has been proven on multiple occasions. Their closeness is a huge selling point of this series and their scenes of comradery and affection gives readers a nice reprieve from some of the more serious aspects of the story. I love spending more time with the youngest members of the family, getting to know them beyond our initial introduction, and learning exactly what their gifts are.

“Do I have to do math? Can’t I just write a short essay?”

“Math is the ultimate test of reason.”


The addition of Rogan changes the parameters but not by much. Rather than relying on Rogan and his obviously stronger house, they simply have included him under the Baylor umbrella of protection. For Rogan, that is simply not acceptable.

Rogan’s views on security were simply draconian. He was in love with me, he decided my home wasn’t assault-proof, and so he bought two square miles of industrial real estate around our warehouse and it turned it into his own private military base.

Nevada's love for Rogan is a heady and amusing mixture of lust, fear, respect, exasperation, and resignation. While they started out as enemies, he did kidnap and torture her after all, they became frenemies, partners, and eventually lovers. After the events in White Hot, Nevada decided to no longer fight the inevitable. She knows they are destined to be together no matter what and though she fears what their futures hold, he knows they will love and die as one. And she makes sure he knows that too.

“Will you come with me? He held out his hand.

“Always.” I put my hand in his.

Wildfire is a perfectly balanced mixture of action, adventure, humor, romance, and imagination. Ilona Andrews is a master of fantasy and only continues to excel with each new project they release.  While I sadly bid a fond farewell to this world and its inhabitants, I will cross my fingers that the Andrews pay it a visit again someday.


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