Jul 7 2017 7:04am

How Many Love Scenes Do You Think the Average Romance Novel Has?

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We've talked love scenes before—we've even talked about how many love scenes you like to get in a book. However, let's take a different track today and ask: How many love scenes does the average romance have? How many do you think is YOUR average—meaning, when you read a book, do you find you typically find you're above what you perceive to be the average, or below? 

Tell us your guess down in the comments!

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1. wsl0612
Three, as in how many licks does it take.... ;-)
1. wsl0612
Three, as in how many licks does it take.... ;-)
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
Too many!

I'll read two or three scenes, but when every other chapter is a detailed mechanical account of the sex lives of my characters, it becomes too much, (slight exageration, but...)
3. Jez
If it's a romance, then usually there are 2-3 teases culminating in one big sex scene at about the 3/4 mark in the book and then maybe another close to the end.

Other romances I've read have had more sex scenes, but usually only 1-2 with the principal chars and then maybe another 1-2 with side chars. I'm talking full-on sex scenes, not just steamy gropings.

If it's erotica, then about one every chapter. So that would be about ... 10? 12?
Anne Ohlrogge
4. krissieo
In my books (Anne Stuart) there tend to be three full consummation scenes - the first, usually fraught with uncertainty or misapprehensions, the second, which is usually angry, semi-violent, or with some very strong, negative emotions, and the final, which is the doing-it-in-a-field-of-daisies-everything-is-sweet-and-loving scene. You have to have the third to make up for the first two less than optimal (but hopefully hot) get-togethers. Love scenes are about showing growth, change and moving the romance and story along - otherwise they're just piffle in non-erotica (and I'm very fond of the new erotica).
5. Karen White
I'll go with 3 - that seems to fit the rhythm that Kristine mentions above or the model that Jez talks about.
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