Jul 6 2017 7:00am

Do Your Hero Preferences Match Your Real-Life Taste in Men?

We've established that some people like the alpha-hole in romance, while hating him in real life. Others love the beta male in real life, but find he's lacking the edge they seek in a romance hero. Some of us like grumpy men... and that holds true for both real life and fiction. So what do you say: Do your preferences in heroes/heroines mimic your preferences for men/women in real life? Do you find you're attracted to the same traits in both real-life and fiction? And what about when it comes to looks? Is it tall, dark, and handsome all the way in fiction but you prefer the fair-haired in reality?

Tell us your preferences down in the comments!

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Jen Wattley
1. JenWattley
Yes. I tend to like grumpy, bearded heroes in my books. And I like grumpy, bearded men in real-life, too. No alpha-holes, please. I like grumpy men with marshmallow centers. :)
Jennifer Proffitt
2. JenniferProffitt
Yes, 100%. I'm with @JenWattley, I tend to like grumpy bearded heroes... and grumpy bearded men. As long as their teddy bears on the inside!

Definitely when it comes to body type my preferences carry over--if the hero is described as blond or anything in the wheelhouse of fair haired, I tend to either not pick up the book entirely, or pretend like he has different colored hair ;) I like 'em tall dark and handsome, what can I say!

As for personality: I think I love the hero that maybe acts like a jerk at first but then secretly (or once you get to know him) reveal a big ol' softy—I blame Mr. Darcy—well... in real-life I wouldn't have the patience to find out that underneath it all this guy wasn't a jerk, on the off chance that underneath it all, he still was.
3. HalloweenGrrl
Most definitely! I love the dark, brooding, Gothic, damaged Hero and complicated musicians. And that's exactly what I married too.
4. lizzie18
Physically, my taste in men, books or real life, is the same.
Being tall myself, I prefer a very tall man, muscular build (especially shoulders, yum), and would gravitate towards dark hair.

Temperament wise, it's a different matter. In books, I do like take charge alpha men, a bit of a know-it-all, and yes arrogant.
But that's for my fantasy life; I could not live with such a man in real life.
5. Lex D
Physically I like the same body type in books and RL--tall, muscular/fit. Although I theoretically prefer blonds (if they look like Chris Hemsworth), more often the men I think are really hot are the dark and handsome ones.

I love the damaged, arrogant super-alpha in books, but they're way too much work in real life. An alpha with his shit together and a gentler side is so much easier to live with, even if he is a bit arrogant. Betas never work for me anywhere.
6. willaful
Sort of... I enjoy virtually all kind of heroes, but it is especially fun when I run into a rare one that reminds me of a my big sweet teddy bear of a husband. (Closest so far: Lincoln in Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.)

I'm another one of those weirdies who's almost never attracted to blondes and is married to one.
7. SpiritedMuse
I'm all about the tall, dark haired, and has a devasting smirk, can wear the hell out of a suit, and has an awesome sense of humor. In my books and in real life. And admittedly I do enjoy a bit of a bad boy in real life as well as my books. But not someone that is knocking the heroine around or making her feel bad about herself or any of that. Just a good guy that knows how to be naughty works VERY well for me. ;)
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