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A Binge Guide to Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops Series

Wild Card by Lora Leigh

We're swooning all over Lora Leigh's Wild Card this month since it's the latest pick in the Heroes and Heartbreakers E-Book of the Month Club, but if you need a refresher, we have you covered too! 

In March of 2018, Lora Leigh is starting a new series called Brute Force. The first book in the series is Collision Point which features Riordan “Rory” Malone, the brother of Nathan Malone from Wild Card, the first book in the Elite Ops series. It’s been awhile since Wild Card was published so we thought we’d put together a primer on the series to help prepare us all for Rory’s romance. The Elite Ops series is a spinoff of the Tempting SEALS series, so there's a whole cast of characters you need to get to know!

Tempting SEALS

This series focuses on characters in the Navy SEALs Durango Team.

The Books & Main Characters:

Reno’s Choice—Reno Chavez & Raven McIntire (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Reno is a member of Durango Team and Raven is his best friend Clint’s little sister. This novella introduces several of the member of the SEAL team but is not part of the overall series arc.

Dangerous Games—Clint McIntire & Morganna Chavez (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Clint is a member of Durango Team and is Raven’s sister.  Morganna is Raven’s best friend and Reno’s sister. In this book, we first learn about Diego Fuentes, the drug lord, and the kidnapped SEAL, Nathan Malone.

For Maggie’s Sake by Lora Leigh

For Maggie’s Sake—Maggie Samuels & Joe Merino (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Joe used to be a member of Durango Team and now works for the DEA. Maggie is a school teacher whose husband Grant Samuels got involved with Diego Fuentes’ cartel. Joe was Grant’s best friend. This one is a novella and the events to do not impact the Tempting SEALs story arc.

Hidden Agenda—Emily Stanton & Kell Kreiger (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Emily is one of the women once kidnapped and held by Diego Fuentes. She was rescued by Durango Team, including member Kell. Emily’s father is a prominent U.S. politician.

Killer Secrets—Ian Richards & Kira Porter (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Ian is a Navy SEAL on Durango Team and is also the illegitimate son of Diego Fuentes. He is also the best friend of captured SEAL, Nathan Malone. Kira Richards is an undercover operative for the Department of Homeland Security whose bosses have a different agenda in mind for Diego Fuentes, the drug lord.

Atlanta Heat—Mason “Macey” March & Emerson Delaney (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Macey is a Durango Team member, their communications specialist. This is a novella and the events of this story do not impact the Tempting SEALS story arc.

Other Important Characters:

  • Nathan Malone—the Navy SEAL & fellow Durango Team member who was kidnapped by Diego Fuentes and has been used as a test subject for Whore’s Dust. Nathan is resuced in Killer Secrets.

  • Risa Clay—Risa was kidnapped with Emily Stanton. Risa’s father Jansen is one of the bad guys.

  • Captain Jordan Malone—An ex-Navy SEAL and Nathan Malone’s uncle.

  • Tehya Talamosi—Tehya show up in Killer Secrets. She is after Diego Fuentes.

The Bad Guys:

  • Diego Fuentes—Diego is a cartel leader and maker of the date rape drug Whore’s Dust. He once kidnapped Emily Stanton and Risa Clay. Nathan Malone, a member of Durango Team who is believed dead at the start of the series, was captured by Diego during the mission to rescue the two girls.

  • Sorrel—It turns out that Diego Fuentes is not the head bad guy but takes orders from Sorrel who has ties to the U.S. government.

  • Jansen Clay—Risa Clay’s father who was responsible for Emily and Risa’s initial kidnapping.

The Bad Thing:

  • Whore’s Dust is the date rape drug produced by Diego Fuentes and used experimentally on Nathan and Risa.

Elite Ops

After Nathan’s rescue and the takedown of Diego Fuentes in Killer Secrets, Captain Jordan Malone forms a new black ops group known as the Elite Ops. The primary team is made up of men and women who have given up their lives and pledged everything they are to the new team. Members of the Tempting SEALs, serve as backup units and reinforcement on missions.

Fun Fact: The titles of each book are code names or nicknames of the Elite Ops men featured in the book (i.e Wild Card is Nathan’s nickname, Maverick is Micah’s, etc)

The Books & Main Characters:

Maverick by Lora Leigh

Wild Card—Nathan Malone/Noah Blake & Sabella Malone 
Nathan Malone is now Noah Blake and returns home to fight a white supremacist group targeting his family.

Maverick—Micah Sloane & Risa Clay (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Risa’s past comes back to haunt her in the form of her Orion. Orion is also responsible for the death of Micah’s mother.

Heat Seeker—John Vincent & Bailey Serbonne (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Bailey Serbonne is Micah Sloane’s cousin and got caught up in the plan to get Orion. She gets entangled with the Elite Ops team and John Vincent who she once loved and knew as Trent.

Black Jack—Travis Caine & Lillian Belle/Night Hawk (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Both Travis and Lillian are members of Elite Ops (Lilly is a member of the backup team) and have an on and off again relationship ever since Travis served as her trainer. Her family recognizes her in her new guise and problems ensue.

Renegade—Nikolai Steele & Mikayla Martin (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Mikayla witnesses a murder and Nik is hired to prove that what Mikayla saw was wrong.

Hannah’s Luck (in the Men of Danger Anthology)—Sheriff Rick Grayson & Hannah Brookes (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Rick’s wife Sienna got caught up in the white supremacist group that was brought down in Wild Card and was killed. Rick find happiness but some remnant of the white supremacist group cause trouble for him and Hannah. This novella does not have any of the Elite Ops in it and is tangential to the Elite ops series.

Live Wire—Captain Jordan Malone & Tehya Talamosi/Enigma (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
All of the members of the primary Elite Ops teams have found love except for Jordan and Teyha. Jordan and Teyha thus disband the team and their headquarters. That is until, former associates of Sorrel (see above) locate Teyha in her new life and Jordan steps in to protect her. Sorrel was Teyha’s father.

Other Important Characters:

  • Rory Malone—Rory is Nathan’s younger, half brother. He appears in both Wild Card and Live Wire since he is related to both Nathan and Jordan. By the end of the series, Rory was working as part of the Elite Ops backup team.

  • Riordan Malone—Nathan and Rory’s grandfather and Jordan’s father. The book ends with Riordan wanting to join his deceased wife in heaven, but needing to get Rory settled first.

The Bad Guys:

  • Orion—A former CIA operative, serial killer, psychopath and pedophile who was part of Risa Clay’s rape during her kidnapping. He reappears when Risa starts to get her memories of the kidnapping and rape back. Orion is a hired assassin. Orion kills his boss.

  • Sorrel—Teyha Talamosi’s father. He is dead in the Elite Ops series, but still important.


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