Jun 8 2017 7:08am

Why Do You Think the Friends to Lovers Trope Is So Popular?

As listed by the RWA, the friends-to-lovers trope is the most popular trope in the genre. Why do you think we love it so much? Is it because of the slow build? The plausibility? 

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Heather RR
1. Heather RR
Friends to lovers has always been at the top of my catnip list. Mainly, I think, because it's the relationship I always dreamed of.

I never wanted to be whisked away in a private jet by a handsome billionaire. Men in uniform needn't be present beyond a charity calendar.

But a kind man who knows all your good and bad. Who shares your history and inside jokes. The man who you not only love but actually LIKE. That's was always the dream for me.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I personally favor this trope because it makes the eventual HEA more believable. It gives the couple a foundation to build on, which the insta-lust trope just doesn't provide.

In short stories, this one also makes me buy the sketchy backstory allowed by the word constrants.
3. willaful
It's not a favorite of mine because I find the "I don't want to risk our friendship" trope tedious. And I guess I like more drama. I do like to read about couples *becoming* friends and then lovers. (Or vice versa. ;-) )
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