Jun 14 2017 8:08am

What Romance Cover Would You Add to This List?

The Care and Feeding of Pirates by Jennifer Ashley

Photographer Kathleen Kamphausen asked regular couples to recreate famous and/or passionate romance covers—many of which featured Fabio. These photosets have made the rounds before, however, yesterday we were reminded that the covers change a little bit when taken over by average couples. 

 The experiment is pretty hilarious, but only features 10 covers, so the question is: what covers would you love to see recreated? What are some of your favorite covers? 

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Eve S
2. Eve S
Sorry, I laughed so much that I wheezed and sorry again, but I would still buy the books with the original cheesy covers and not the ones with the real people.
If I want reality, I read the newspaper... or I look into the mirror, =;))
Eve S
3. Lolane
I'd love them to recreate any of these covers:

But especially the Duckshack Agreement one. That one is a classic for the ages.
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