Jun 9 2017 7:05am

What Is the Oldest Historical Time Period You’ve Read?

We talk about “unusual historicals” (historicals that don't always feature dukes and ballrooms) every month, however it's the truly unusual historical to be set out of Anno Domini! And yet, we know that some are!

What is the furthest back time period you've read? Bragging rights go to the reader with the “oldest” book on their nightstand! 

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kat Sheridan
1. kat Sheridan
It's got to be Clan of the Cave Bear. Neanterthal and Cro-Magnon.
kat Sheridan
2. Gill Kerry
Yes, definitely jean m auels Paleolithic period novels. Then, I suppose, vikings with Sandra hill and Susan squires.
Years ago I read the hearth and the eagle by anya seton
3. lauralee1912
Another Clan of the Cave Bear reader here ... that was ages ago and I remember being one and done.

I read every one of Morgan Llyweln's Celtic World books back in the day which start around the time of early Christianity/the Dark Ages.
kat Sheridan
4. Gill Kerry
I meant mistletoe and the sword, by anya Seton!
kat Sheridan
5. Heather RR
I read and LOVED The Song of Achilles.

While not a romance novel (there is no HEA), it features a beautiful m/m romance.

It starts with a young Achilles and continues through the Trojan Way which sets it (quickly checks in with Wikipedia) around 1200 BC
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I think the oldest time setting I've read goes to "The Persian Boy" by Mary Renault, which takes place during the Reign of Alexander the Great (~350 BC?)

I remember the Clan of the Cave Bear books but I never picked one up.
7. Kareni
I read the Clan of the Cave Bears books back in the Dark Ages when they were first released.

Much more recently, I read and enjoyed Transcendence by Shay Savage which features a non-verbal caveman.
Elizabeth Halliday
8. Ibbitts
"Antony and Cleopatra" by William Shakespeare (time period c. 30 B. C.)
kat Sheridan
9. NancyM
The earliest would have to be Clan of the Cave Bear. It doesn't come any earlier than that. After that would have to be ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire in the times of the republic, pre Roman Britain, Scandinavia before the times of the christians. You name it, I've read it.
Mary Lynne Nielsen
10. emmel
Transcendence by Shay Savage. Hero is a caveman. Literally. And published as a romance (which the Auel books were not).
Howard Brazee
11. HowardBrazee
Clan of the Cavebear doesn't qualify (IMHO), as historical. Historical novels need to use actual history.
Wendy the Super Librarian
12. SuperWendy
Michelle Willingham's Viking books for Harlequin Historical (To Sin with a Viking and To Tempt a Viking). Michelle Styles wrote a few Ancient Rome set books for Harlequin Historical and I enjoyed her short story The Perfect Concubine.

And more historical fiction, but it did have romantic elements - Nefertiti by Michelle Moran. About, duh, the Egyptian Queen - the story is told from the point of view of Nefertiti's sister.

(And I swear it's just an amazing coincidence that all of these authors are named Michelle! LOL)
kat Sheridan
14. Benidorm-babe
Not sure how clan of the cave bear doesn't qualify as historical. Its certainly not present day
kat Sheridan
15. BeccaD
Auel's CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR. And I might be talking out of turn, but I think the extensive research that Jean Auel did might just mean it is fiction but based on real history. And while I agree that Clan of the Cave Bear (the first book) does not qualify as a romance, the series itself certainly does.
16. BenidormBabe
Yes Becca D. Also the article didn't specifically say romance, only historical!
Susan Finley
17. SuFinley
One of my long-ago favorite books, William Golding's "The Inheritors" -- NOT a romance, takes place as Homo Sapien replaced Neanderthal in the world. It's very poignant as you follow the tiny dying tribe. I also read Clan of the Cave Bear, agree it wasn't actually romantic until the second book.
Nikki Hilton
18. nikkiphilton
I read Clan of the Cave Bear when it came out, and I didn't like it at all.
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