Jun 26 2017 10:31am

Veep’s Amy and Dan Are WHAT?! (Season Finale Spoilers)

Dan and Amy in Veep

WARNING: Major spoilers for the Veep Season 6 finale.

Veep's Amy Brookheimer and Dan Egan have been locked in a will-they-or-won't-they love/hate relationship for so long now that you could be forgiven for thinking it would never happen, especially given that the scales have long seemed tipped toward “hate” and the two hardly interacted at all in Season 6. But patience comes to those who wait...and wait...and wait, apparently, because shippers got the shock of a lifetime in last night's season finale, when Amy revealed that she's pregnant—and that Dan's the father.

That's right: Amy and Dan are going to be PARENTS. Maybe.

How did this happen? The show pulled a Bones, that's for sure, in that viewers were kept in the dark about any change in Dan and Amy's relationship until this bombshell announcement. Though we've never seen the two so much as kiss onscreen, it turns out that after having a few too many drinks at a bar with Ben in a previous episode, Dan and Amy went home together. AND MADE A BABY.

Amy tells Dan she's pregnant in Veep season 6 Dan learns he'll be a father in Veep season 6
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Now, as out of the blue as this feels, we've always known they were attracted to each other—they even dated, briefly, before the start of the series. And while their first attempt at romance did not end well (Amy once likened their breakup to “getting over mild food poisoning”), they've clearly still harbored feelings, whether or not they'd admit it in a million years. They burn too bright when they're together—and protest waaaay too much when anyone points this out—to fool anyone.

The question now is: Will Amy and Dan have the baby? And if so, will impending parenthood bring them closer together, or push them further apart? What will it mean for their careers? No matter what, it looks like we're in for a storyline straight out of fan fiction next year. (No, really, accidental pregnancy is a common theme in Amy/Dan fic. It's great.)

How are you feeling? Have you been rooting for Dan/Amy? Are you happy or mad, or is your head just still spinning at this big twist? What are your hopes for Veep Season 7?

While we wait, enjoy this fan vid of some of their best/worst moments. Because let's be honest, parents or no, they're still TERRIBLE people. And we like that about them.

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Jill Q
1. Jill Q
Wow, I'm so behind and Veep and it's a show I can't binge, becasue I start to get too depressed about humanity. Because they really are that terrible. I'm still weirdly excited about this news. I'd heard grumblings that the recent season wasn't as good, but clearly I need to keep going.

Also, I just want to say I really appreciate that you guys talk about fanfic. I love both romance and fanfiction and feel like those two words don't come together nearly enough. And yes, Dan and Amy accidental pregnancy fanficiton is awesome!
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Jill Q -- Yes, in our new political age, it's a hard show to watch. And the humor doesn't feel as biting as it did in earlier seasons. Honestly, I was starting to feel we'd NEVER see Dan and Amy interact in a meaningful way again, so if nothing else this finale makes me think we'll get some Quality Content next season!

And thank you, I feel the same about the intersection of fanfiction and romance, obviously, so it's great to chat with like minds! In my experience, the bulk of fic (aside from gen, obviously) is romantic in nature, and I've read fic and romance novels alike for ages, so in my head it's all connected. Now if only I could get more of my pals in fandom to give romance novels a try...
Jill Q
3. Ashley Schafer
I just heard about Dan & Amy and I have to say I've been wondering when it would happen. I feel like they're soulless soulmates or something, lol.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Ashley Schafer -- "Soulless soulmates" is the best descriptor for Dan and Amy I have ever heard! Couldn't agree more. Very curious to see where they go from here.
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