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First Look: Sabrina Jeffries’ The Pleasures of Passion (June 20, 2017)

The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries
The Pleasure of Passions (Sinful Suitors #4)
Pocket Books / June 20, 2017 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital

Sabrina Jeffries’ new book, The Pleasures of Passion, is about two people who suffered great heartbreak in their youth and now have to decide whether or not to take a chance on loving and trusting again. Brilliana and Niall were separated when Naill killed a man in a duel avenging the rape of his sister and had to flee the country. He asked 17-year-old Bree to go with him, but she couldn’t leave her dying mother in the care of her feckless father. Seven years later Naill, newly pardoned, has returned but his reunion with the widowed Bree is fraught with misunderstandings and fears. Bree has soured on men in general and one cannot blame her.

(Niall) was simply one man in a long line of them who’d betrayed her trust, starting with her father and ending with her husband, who’d lied about why he’d gone to London to gamble away all their money.

All of them had abandoned her in one fashion or another, leaving her heartbroken and destitute. Never again would she rely on one of them. Niall had been a mistake, and these days she was trying to learn from those.

They are forced to work together to expose a counterfeiting ring with whom her father may be involved and thankfully many of their misapprehensions are soon cleared up and they begin to rebuild their relationship. Niall, in particular, is eager to resume, but Bree has suffered more than he has in their years apart and is not as ready to trust again.

“Then it’s only your fear talking. And I see no reason either of us should give in to it.”

“It’s not fear; it’s caution. I have good reason to be cautious. We’re different people now, you know. I’ve already been married to one man who treated me like his Botticelli, and I don’t want another. Besides, my son is his heir, and I can’t take up with anyone without considering how it would affect him. Especially a man who still keeps secrets, who still won’t – “

“Listen,” he broke in, “I’m only asking you to give me a chance. You’re right. We are different people now. But not so different that we don’t still have this between us. So why not take it slowly? Continue with our pretend engagement, but actually treat it as a courtship. Get to know each other as we are now.”

. . .

She was intentionally provoking him. Because she didn’t yet trust him not to break her heart again. And truth be told, he wasn’t entirely easy with her yet, either.

All the more reason they should take some time to be together... ”I’m not giving up on us this time, Bree.” He sucked in a ragged breath, “Unless that’s what you really want, and then I’ll honor your wishes. But I don’t think that it is.” . . .

He knew he wouldn’t hurt her again. Now he just had to make sure she knew it, too.

Love is easy. Trust is hard. Jeffries doesn’t shy away from this hard truth and that is what enriches Niall and Bree’s story and raises it above other second-chance-at-love romances.


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