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Jenna Bayley-Burke’s Just Married: First Comes LoveFriends with Benefits, Then Comes Marriage

Just Married by Jenna Bayley-BurkeJune’s book club pick is Just Married by Jenna Bayley-Burke. This book ticks all the romance trope boxes. For any romance reader, it’s like a big hug with all of the elements of a romance story we know and love. It was a fast read for me because Jenna does a great job of bringing these characters to life. There’s intimacy and banter and a lot of unresolved issues to move the story along.

Miranda is a successful lawyer living in Seattle that enjoys a friends with benefits relationship with her BFF Callum. Callum is an uber successful businessman and he’s having issues with an inheritance from his father. A clause requires a wife and an heir and who better to help than his Miranda. One little issue. Miranda has no idea that she’s about to become his wife.

“Mira had the ability to look sexy and innocent at the same time, and no matter how often he’d seen her put on that grin it got him every time.”

Miranda is a strong heroine and I enjoyed that she didn’t take any of Callum’s antics sitting down. She gives it back to him as good as he gives. She’s got an idea of what she wants and Callum has to shape up or ship out.  Even with Miranda’s strong personality, she possesses a vulnerability that makes Miranda a full dimensional character. Miranda has abandonment issues from her past but, she doesn’t let that drive the direction of her life.She makes her own rules and Callum isn’t about to change that. Or so she thinks. Callum has plans of his own and he’s determined to make them come true in the most delicious of ways.

Callum is your alpha male, Scottish hero dream. While he dominates boardrooms, he has his work cut out for him on trying those tactics with Miranda. Callum is a sweet, strong hero that has a twisted view on love. He comes from a world of privilege but love wasn’t a priority. This makes Callum so endearing. He fills the room with his presence but he has a childlike exuberance that makes him playful, particularly with Miranda.  And Miranda may just be the one to change his view on love after all.

Falling in love with him hadn’t been a simple flip of a switch; she’d slipped into it gradually, a habit she’d had to quit cold turkey. But like a dieter on Sunday night, she wanted one last bite to filler heart during the empty months that lay ahead. 

The chemistry between Miranda and Callum burns hot and can be seen throughout the book. They may be very professional at work but when it’s just them two, there’s no-holds barred love between them. It may just take Callum a little more time to realize it. It may have taken time for them to warm up but, once they crossed the line, there was no looking back.

Just Married is a surprise trope-filled book. From friends-to-lovers, marriage of convenience to even more surprises along the way. Do you enjoy books filled with romance tropes? 

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