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Jenna Bayley-Burke on the Tropeyness of Just Married

Just Married by Jenna Bayley-Burke

We love our tropes on Heroes and Heartbreakers and this month's E-Book of the Month Club pick brings ALL of the tropes—friends to lovers, marriage of convenience, babies!—together with Jenna Bayley-Burke's Just Married. We were lucky enough to sit down with Jenna to discuss her More Than Friends series and all the delicious complications that come when friends with benefits suddenly find themselves in love!

Need more from Jenna? If you're ready to swoon over Mira and Callum, come join us to talk about tropes, tropes, and more tropes in our discussion thread of Just Married. (If you're not ready just yet, play our game by “planning” your wedding and we'll tell you which hero will be waiting at the altar for you)

If you're shouting “I do!” continue the fun by discussing other modern takes on marriages of convenience in romance. 

Miranda and Callum have already been friends with benefits for years when readers first meet them—what appealed to you about writing that dynamic?

Jenna Bayley-Burke: He married someone else. I’ve had a couple friends in a similar dynamic, though in those cases the guy was more invested. One ended abruptly when he met someone else who was more than just dating. Another I am convinced are married in their head, just live too far apart to make it work. So, I made it work.

Just Married is delightfully trope-y, featuring modern-day marriage of convenience, friends-to-lovers, a Vegas wedding, and accidental pregnancy, among others. Do you have a favorite trope to read?

JBB: All of them? Tropetastic are my favorites. I actually didn’t know the term trope until a few years ago. I love them because I can pick up a book and know what I’m getting, how it can make me feel. Everyone has a different spin or mash-up, so as a writer I can read a book and appreciate the twists others throw in.

A marriage of convenience in a modern setting can be tricky; what did you want to make sure you got right?

JBB: It’s a trope I love, but isn’t as ticking clock as it used to be. Now, we can’t simply use an inheritance as the why. Cal wanted his inheritance, but not for himself. Well, he wanted the castle. But he’d never had a reason to push for more from Mira. They were married to their careers and satisfied with the status quo. The inheritance gave him a reason without appearing quite as vulnerable.

What’s Callum’s favorite thing about Miranda?

JBB: She’s fair, and deliberate. She’s with him because she wants to be, no ulterior motive. His life is a business and she wants no part in the deal. And she’s a really good friend. He admires that and wants to be that himself, but he doesn’t know how.

What’s her favorite thing about him?

JBB: Confidence in all areas. Mira is very sure of her abilities as a lawyer, but in other realms she’s still searching for her place. And that he’s different when he’s with just her. She loves having that piece of him all to herself.

Miranda has secretly been in love with Callum since law school. What’s the first thought that popped into her mind the day they met?

JBB: Wow. Even a decade later, she’s a little in awe of him. His situation allows him to do so much for his friends, and she admires that and eventually becomes that, though on a smaller scale. That streak of kindness and vulnerability locked her in early. 

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That streak of kindness and vulnerability locked her in early.

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